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There is still plenty of time to hit your ranked goals in the current Teamfight Tactics expansion, TFT Dragonlands: Uncharted Realms.

TFT Set 7.5 will be around until the start of Patch 12.23. That’s because the new patch marks the beginning of the eighth expansion in TFT which is TFT: Monsters Attack. There are too many good rewards to ignore last-minute grinding, including exclusive little legends and emotes and one of the easiest modes players can queue to get those rewards is Double-Up.

Grab a friend and read this quick guide to the best Double-Up team comps in TFT so you can grab those last-minute rewards for yourselves. This guide looks at the best-performing comps listed from API data sites like MetaTFT and gives expert analysis as to why they work so well.

Lagoon Sohm

Screenshot via lolchess.gg team builder.

A staple comp throughout TFT Set 7.5, Lagoon is a very simple comp to pilot that can scale extremely well, especially in Double-Up. The goal with this comp is to get the trait online as quickly as possible to start ramping up the Lagoon rewards. As players scale into the late game, there are plenty of carry options available to this comp including Sohm, Zoe and Nilah which form the backbone of one of the strongest comps in the game.

Mystic Graves

Screenshot via lolchess.gg team builder.

There is a heavy amount of magic damage present in TFT Set 7.5 and as a result, the comp that directly counters it is always going to be well-positioned in the metagame. In the current set that comp is Mystic Graves. The Mystic trait gives all champions in the comp added magic resist which will let them last longer against magic damage dealers but the two main stars in this comp are Graves and Seraphine.

Seraphine pulls double duty as a utility unit and as a hidden carry. Her ability grants big shields to allies near her but also increases their damage. This is important as she supports the main carry of the comp, Graves. Graves is a pure attack damage carry with a twist. Every time he casts his ability, he gets tankier. So the idea of this comp is to win long fights with Graves being able to one versus nine.


Screenshot via lolchess.gg team builder.

It wouldn’t be a best comps list in TFT Set 7.5 without mentioning Dragons. There is no better board in the game than a fully capped-out Dragons board and although players can’t really force this comp, in Double-Up they actually can. With one player focusing on Lagoon Sohm or Mystic Graves, the other can be on the lookout for a Dragon transition. And with the unique Rune of Allegiance, players can hit the Dragon comp easier in this mode than in the other two modes.

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