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No matter what is changed from season to season in Call of Duty: Warzone, the most popular weapon category is always the assault rifle. It’s easily the most versatile, as players can use them as long-range light machine guns or close-range submachine guns — and they consistently perform the best. Season 4 of Warzone is no different, despite the UGM-8 and Marco-5 making some serious noise in their respective classes. With ARs still so popular in Season 4, it’s natural that players have wondered what is the best assault rifle they can use.

This question can be subjective, as players like different qualities in their weapons. However, Season 4 is slightly different, as there’s one AR that’s utterly dominating the rest of the playing field.

Best AR in Warzone Season 4

As of right now, the clear-cut choice for the best AR in Warzone is the NZ-41. Although the STG44 held this spot for basically all of Season 3, the NZ-41 came on strong at the end of the season and that’s carried into Season 4. The NZ-41 received a buff to its recoil control with the Season 3 Reloaded update, making it a virtual laser beam in Warzone.

Because of this new superior recoil control, players began to flock to the NZ-41. It possesses a strong damage range, fire rate, and mobility to pair with its recoil control. All of this mixed together makes for easily the best AR in Season 4. While it looks like Raven Software is trending toward nerfing the NZ-41 at some point in the near future, players can’t go wrong with using it as of right now.