The best and easiest Yugioh Master Duel crafting guide
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The best and easiest Yugioh Master Duel crafting guide

A quick and easy way to craft any card in the entire game.
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Yugioh Master Duel is finally out. The official simulator has almost every card in the history of the game. With over 10,000 cards, players will have a chance to obtain any card they want, which is made easy through the crafting system. Here is a quick but informative Yugioh Master Duel craft guide that teaches players how to get every single card they want.

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How Crafting works

The Crafting system is the best way to get specific cards in Yugioh Master Duel. | Screenshot provided by Konami.

In Yugioh Master Duel cards come in four different rarities. Those are Normal, Rare, Super Rare and Ultra Rare. When it comes to crafting cards, each rarity comes with its own unique crafting points. For example, players can only craft UR cards with UR CP. To craft any card in the game it costs 30 CP of whatever rarity it is in. For example, the SR card “Aleister the Invoker” costs 30 SR CP.

How to acquire crafting material

Players can dismantle extra copies of cards they dont need to get CP. | Screenshot provided by Konami.

When it comes to acquiring CP, players have a couple of ways of doing so. CP can be acquired through missions and the battle pass but the most common way is to dismantle cards. Any card a player gets from packs can be dismantled for a set amount of CP in the rarity it was in. For example, if a player dismantles a copy of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, which is a UR, they would receive UR CP. Every card, regardless of rarity normally, generates 10 CP of their respective rarity, but there are two exceptions.

When players craft and buy cards, each card has a chance at being a “foil”. These shiny versions of cards are cool to look at and are also more valuable when dismantling. There are two types of foil upgrades besides the normal versions. These variations are “Glossy Finish” and “Royal Finish”

Foil Rarities

The Glossy finish cards dismantle for 15 CP instead of 10. | Screenshot provided by Konami.

Glossy finish cards are ones that have their borders and text outlined in silver. There is a setting that sorts by just these cards. Also, players can tell they have a glossy finish card when they open a pack and the card does an animation. These cards actually dismantle for 15 CP instead of 10.

Yugioh Master Duel Craft guide
Royal finish cards are basically tickets that can be used to make any card a player wants since they dismantle for 30 CP. | Screenshot provided by Konami.

And then there are Royal finish cards. These cards have a kaleidoscope foil effect to them and are very shiny. Players will know when they pull or have one because it will literally outshine the rest of the cards they have. These cards are very hard to get and the reward for dismantling one is 30 CP, or pretty much any card in the game.

How to craft cards

Yugioh Master Duel Craft guide
Players can use the search bar in the deck builder to access any card they wish to craft. | Screenshot provided by Konami.

Once players have enough crafting material it’s time to pick and choose which cards to craft. Players can craft any card in the game for 30 CP of its rarity. For example, if a player wants to craft an Elemental HERO Neos which is a UR, it will cost 30 UR CP to do so. Players can use the search function in the deck builder to find any card in the game. Once found players can simply click the card and on the bottom left corner of the screen click the “Generate” button.

Once a player generates a card, it will be added to their collection to use.

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