Top Fortnite players have mastered the Fortnite box fight
Fortnite box fight

The art of the Fortnite box fight

It's never been tougher to get a kill in the colorful battle royale
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Manuel “Martoz” Martinez was sweating, but not because he was under pressure. Situated just outside Slurpy Swamp, he was boxed up with an enemy just on the other side of his wall.

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He built a ramp going toward his enemy’s box, giving him an extra layer of protection from a deadly shotgun spray. The enemy, clad in one of Fortnite’s skin-tight superhero skins, opened a small window to take a shot at Martoz. That was their first and only mistake.

Martoz started to edit his ramp, turned around and placed a bounce pad on the wall behind him, flew past his ramp as he finished editing it and then crouched as he flew through the enemy window. The enemy superhero didn’t have time to react as Martoz served them deadly, kryptonite shotgun shells.

All about memorization

“The play was pretty hard at first,” Martoz said. “But once I got it down, it became pretty easy. I’m able to pull it off almost every time.”

Arena lobbies are like a sauna. Sweating comes naturally to everyone in the lobby when they run into another player. There is no easy fight; few headshots take out a player instantly. Fortnite all comes down to elaborate box fights where whoever thinks outside the box fastest wins.

A box is a familiar place for every Fortnite player in the world, from Risky Reels to Amsterdam. As soon as a bullet lands — and even if it misses — there’s no better defensive option than to quickly build four panels and a ceiling out of wood, stone or steel. Health and shields are the most valuable currency in the colorful battle royale. Players can buy a lot of kills if they know how to spend it.

Fortnite boxfight hop
Players have developed different ways to peak out of their boxes, including one where they jump up for a brief moment | Provided by Aron Garst/Epic Games
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