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Sometimes, leaks slip out in Fortnite without data-miners having to do anything. In the Arabic region’s news section, there is a piece of information that is unlike the English version. Updated for the v10.20 patch, most news sections just contain images detailing the Pandora POI and Shield Bubble addition.

However, in the Arabic version, there is something peculiar along with this. An image of an exclamation point, the description for this picture reads, “Soon… Disaster is coming…” What could Epic Games mean by this, and how does it affect the rest of Fortnite Season X?

Disaster on the way to Fortnite?

While there are plenty of jokes and memes online about the disaster being the v10.20 update itself, that’s obviously not what Epic Games means. In fact, the update looks much better now that they have reverted turbo building.

Fortnite Arabic
The Arabic version of the Fortnite news section. Photo Credit to @FortTory on Twitter.

So, if the disaster isn’t the v10.20 update, what could it be? We’re at the point in the season where Epic likes to foreshadow the end-of-season event more and more. Whether it be something on the map or a clue found in-game, there’s almost always a hint somewhere when weeks 5 and 6 come around.

Of course, it doesn’t look like Epic planned for the disaster hint to be released yet. If they did, it wouldn’t only be in the Arabic version of the news section. This most likely means we’ll see the same thing in all of the news sections later this week.

Whatever the case, a disaster definitely sounds like something involving an in-game event. There’s already been chaos throughout Fortnite Season X with the Rift Beacons and the Visitor running loose on the island.

Fortnite visitor

The most logical leap is to assume that the Visitor is going to cause some kind of disaster in Fortnite. Whether it be with the Mechs or perhaps the Rift Beacons, this disaster will almost certainly involve the Visitor and help transition Fortnite into Season 11.

What do you think the disaster could be? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite Season X coverage.

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