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For Magic’s latest set, trying to determine the five best blue cards in Kaldheim is a bit trickier than other colors. Many of the higher-end cards are fairly niche and may not fit well into current deck metas. While this doesn’t mean these cards are bad, it is just a little difficult to properly evaluate them. Who knows, after the first week the whole meta could be dominated by Alrund combo or something wild. Until that deck is built, however, these blue cards seem to be some of the best Kaldheim has to offer.

Alrund’s Epiphany

MTG Kaldheim Alrund

Every set needs a big blue spell to take extra turns with and Kaldheim is no exception. Alrund’s Epiphany will rarely be cast at seven mana thanks to its foretell cost. At a much more manageable six mana, Alrund’s Epiphany can be set up for a more reliable extra turn. While it might be a little hard for Alrund’s Epiphany to find a home, it’s hard to ignore free turns.

Graven Lore

MTG Kaldheim Graven Lore

As a snow instant, Graven Lore is heavily dependent on snow lands and mana. When cast, Graven Lore checks the amount of snow mana spent on it and lets the player scry that many cards. In a deck with a snow mana base, players will likely be scrying five every time. In a deck with plenty of control and maybe some ramp for fun, the card can set up for some powerful late-game card advantage.

Ascendant Spirit

MTG Kaldheim Ascendant Spirit

Speaking of snow dependent cards, Ascendant Spirit is the snow version of the Eventide card Figure of Destiny. Ascendant Spirit comes down pretty early in the game at just one blue mana, but as players invest more and more snow mana into it, it grows larger each time. After putting a total of nine mana into Ascendant Spirit, it becomes a 6/6 flying angel that draws a card when it damages a player. Not too bad! Since it grows as players spend mana on its three abilities, players don’t have to invest more mana than they are ready to on a given turn. Plus Ascendant Spirit’s abilities can activate at any time, meaning players can keep spell mana open until end of turn, and then power up Ascendant Spirit when it’s safe.

Saw It Coming

best blue cards in Kaldheim Saw It Coming

As far as three-mana counter spells go, Saw It Coming is among the best. Like taking extra turn spells, a lot of sets will have a counter spell with some type of gimmick. This time around, the foretell ability allows for a cheaper counter spell when an opponent least expects it. Saw It Coming doesn’t even force the caster to pay two blue mana, which is typical for hard counters with an alternative casting cost. Hard counters have not been seen in Standard lately so this spell may be a welcome addition for control decks.


best blue cards in Kaldheim Ravenform

It is pretty rare for blue to get creature removal, even more so for artifacts, but Ravenform does both. Three-mana for a removal spell in blue is probably fine given it’s unique nature. A one-mana removal spell in blue, however, is great when cast for its foretell cost. The only thing holding this card back is that it is at sorcery speed. Other sorcery removal spells like Bloodchief’s Thirst have been dominating standard so there may be space for two.

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