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The long-requested Teamfight Tactics duo mode is finally coming in TFT Set 6 as the latest lab: Double Up. This 2v2v2v2 mode will give players a way to play alongside a partner and fight in teams.

Double Up will test friendship, coordination and, of course, skill as players navigate exclusive mechanics to work their way up the ranked Double Up ladder with the goal of competing at the Double Up championship later in the set. Here is everything there is to know about the new game mode in TFT Set 6.

New mechanics in the TFT Double Up

There are a few mechanics unique to Double Up in TFT. The first is that each team will share a health pool, though players will still control their own boards and shops. But when a teammate takes damage, that hit affects both players.

The second mechanic to note is that if a team would take fatal damage, the first time they would do so in a game, they will be left at one HP. The team then enters a state called “imminent death.” While in this state, a loss by either teammate will eliminate both players.

The third mechanic exclusive to double up is the assist armory. Although armories do not exist in TFT Set 6, they do in Double Up. Assist Armories will give each player a chance to gift something to their teammate, such as components, gold and other boosts. They appear at different points throughout the game.

The fourth mechanic is the new Rune of Allegiance. This consumable is given to all players at the start of the game. Using it allows a player to transfer a champion and all the items attached to it to their teammate. When this happens, all items will detach, making this consumable very important and giving partners a big advantage when needed. Although players only get one at the start of the game, they can get more through the assist armory.

The final, but perhaps most important mechanic, is what happens when players finish a fight before their partner does. In this scenario, after a short delay, the surviving champions from a players battle will jump onto their partner’s board to help them close things out. This means players must be very careful about playing an open fort or weak strategy or risk having their partners suffer with them.

Double Up launches in patch 11.23

TFT Duos mode
Players will be competing to climb to Hyper Tier on the Double Up ranked ladder. | Provided by Riot Games

The TFT duo mode, Double Up will not launch at the start of Set 6. Instead, it will launch the patch after, 11.23. Double Up will have a different ranked mode than the regular TFT ladder, and it will function similarly to the Hyper Roll ranked mode. For players wanting to try this mode early, it will hit the PBE on Nov 2.

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