TFT Set 7 Dragonlands NA Esports circuit announced
NA Esports TFT Set 7 Dragonlands

TFT Set 7 Dragonlands NA Esports circuit announced

Wisdom Media is back to handle the official Riot Games TFT Esports initiative in NA

After an overall underwhelming Teamfight Tactics esports experience in Gizmos and Gadgets, Wisdom Media is back with an improved North American circuit for the new expansion, Dragonlands. As announced on Monday, June 6, the path to the TFT Dragonlands World Championship from NA has officially been revealed. This new season, while still similar to the last, brings some new changes that should be welcomed by players and fans alike.

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TFT Set 7 Dragonlands NA Season

Just like in TFT Set 6, two big tournaments will headline the first half of the season. Players from around North America will compete to qualify for both the Mid-Set Finale and TFT Dragonlands NA Regional Finals. The two tournaments in the first half are the Astral and Jade Cups, where the top 160 players will qualify.

North America differs from other regions, in that there are no open qualifiers. These new tournaments will have a new format to in order to compensate; the Cups are now spread over two weekends to increase competitive integrity and let players breathe a bit. Another big change this season: both Cups will feature an overall winner, improving from last season’s format where each tournament had an anti-climatic finish with four winners.

The Mid-Set Finale will also feature even higher stakes than before — not only will top players automatically earn a spot at Regional Finals, but the Mid-Set Finale’s winner automatically qualifies for the TFT Dragonlands World Championship. This change heavily rewards the player who puts in the most work during the first half of the expansion.

The second half of the season has one major tournament before the Regional Finals; the Dragon Cup, which will follow the same format as the previous cups. Players can still qualify for the Regional Finals through ladder snapshots, but just like last season, only two players will qualify through either of these snapshots in Sets 7 and 7.5.

Gone are the Challenger Series events — instead, there will be a Last Chance Qualifier tournament at the end of the circuit. Right before the NA Regional Finals, this tournament invites the 16 best players from the snapshot leaderboard. The final two players at the Last Chance Qualifier will make their way to Regional Finals.

The circuit will officially kick off with the Astral Cup on the weekend of July 1. The NA Regional Finals will start at the end of October.

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