TFT set 7 Dragonlands: Legend trait guide

TFT set 7 Dragonlands: Legend trait guide

An in-depth look at the Legend class in TFT Dragonlands

Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands is finally out on the Public Beta Environment, and with it comes a ton of new champions and traits to explore. Figuring out how to play these new options to their greatest potential is difficult, but Upcomer has it covered. Despite the Legend trait being having incredible strategic depth, here is a guide on how to use it in TFT set 7.

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The Legend trait

The Legend trait is a little complicated. The three-piece class states that at the start of the round, each Legend champion consumes the closest champion. This will literally kill off three of a player’s champions each round, meaning that someone at level seven with the Legend trait active will only have four units on the board.

However, the payoff is each Legend gains the consumed champion’s stats. This means that if a Legend champion consumes a 3,000 health champion, they will gain 3,000 health. They also gain 100% of their armor and magic resist, too (though only 40% of their Ability Power).

Essentially, the Legend champions become super carries, and that is the class’ gimmick.

The champions

  • Volibear (3g/Legend/Dragonmancer/Shimmerscale): Volibear is one of the two three-cost Legend champions. He is a melee damage carry with the 60 mana ability “Relentless Storm.” This ability enrages Volibear, making him even bigger while granting bonus health for the rest of the round. Also, for the rest of the round after this ability is cast, Volibear does bonus magic damage on every third auto attack. And when he does, he also does bonus magic damage to other enemies. This kind of works like Statik Shiv.


  • Anivia (3g/Legend/Jade/Evoker): Anivia is the other three-cost Legend champion. She is also a damage carry has some range. Anivia has the 90 mana ability “Prismatic Storm.” This ability places down an area of effect circle under and around her target. The circle lasts three seconds and does magic damage to every champion inside it during the duration. Also, enemy magic resistance is shredded while they are in the storm.


  • Ornn (4g/Legend/Tempest/Bruiser): Ornn is the four-cost Legend champion. Unlike the other two, Ornn isn’t a carry champion. However, as the Legend tank, he can buy so much time for the other two champions to pop off. His ability costs 160 mana, but his “Stampede” is well worth it. Stampede summons a charging ram toward Ornn that starts from the furthest enemy. On his way to Ornn, the ram deals magic damage to enemies it passes and also reduces attack speed significantly for a duration. When the ram reaches Ornn, he sends it back to another distant enemy champion which does even more magic damage to everyone it hits. At the same time, it also stuns those champions for a duration.

Sample composition

Legend comp TFT Set 7 Dragonlands

While it’s possible to have a triple threat of carry champions, those playing the Legend trait should single out one champion to be the comp’s main carry with the other do some secondary lifting. This version of the comp focuses on Volibear and his Dragonmancer class. The Dragonmancer class, when active, allows the player to pick one of those champions and declare them the “Hero.”

The Hero gains an insane amount of health and an increased AP. This bonus also scales based on Dragomancer’s star level. This is great because players will be rerolling on seven for all the three-cost and two-cost champions since the main carries are Volibear and Anivia. Coincidentally, they will be fed the three-star Dragonmancer champions for their stats.

Volibear will be nearly unkillable, but he will want to attack fast to take advantage of his every-third-auto passive ability. Also, there’s a lot of crowd control in this set, so Quicksilver is a must. Anivia will want Gunblade to keep her and Volibear healthy.

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