TFT set 7 Dragonlands: Guild trait guide
TFT Dragonlands traits Guild Twitch Talon SET 7

TFT set 7 Dragonlands: Guild trait guide

An in-depth look at the Guild origin in TFT Dragonlands

Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands is finally out on the Public Beta Environment, and with it comes a ton of new champions and traits to explore. Figuring out how to play these new options to their greatest potential is difficult, but Upcomer has it covered. Despite the Guild trait being incredibly flexible, here is a guide on how to use it in TFT set 7.

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The Guild Trait

Throughout the history of TFT, traits have either consisted of large verticals that required players to commit heavily or small, two or three champion requirements. The cool thing about the Guild trait is the new origin can be literally whatever the player wants it to be.

The Guild trait can be activated with as few as one Guild champion, all six or any number in between. That’s because each Guild champion is essentially a mini trait by themselves. The five Guild champions grant unique bonuses to the team composition. For example, Twitch gives all members increased Attack Speed and Ryze gives all members increased Ability Power.

The kicker is that for every Guild champion on the board, the bonuses get bigger. So instead of 10 ability power with only Ryze on board, if a player has two Guild champions, the bonus grows to 12 ability power. Oh, and the bonuses are doubled for the Guild champions themselves. Essentially, the Guild trait is TFT’s build-your-own-adventure.

The Champions

  • Sejuani (1g/Guild/Cavalier): Sejuani is a part of the Guild trait in TFT set 7, but unlike previous versions, she is only a one-cost champion. She comes with the Cavalier trait she had back in TFT Reckoning. This time, though, her ability is “Warrior’s Wrath.” This ability makes Sejuani swing in a cone, dealing a percentage of maximum health as damage. She then does it again and stuns both her target and the enemy directly behind it for a short duration.


  • Twitch (2g/Guild/Swiftshot): No longer a low-cost Assassin, Twitch is back as a standard, backline, ranged attacker. His ability is “Blast Potion,” which makes Twitch throw a ranged area of effect projectile at his target. This projectile deals physical damage and reduces the armor of the enemies hit for a duration.


  • Ryze (3g/Guild/Mage): One of the main carry champions in the Guild trait is Ryze. He is a three-cost mage and features one of the scariest ramping abilities in the entire game. “Overload” starts out as a 20-mana spell that makes Ryze throw out an arcane orb at his target, dealing magic damage. However, every cast after the original increases the maximum mana by 20 but also increases the number of orbs thrown out by one. With the Mage trait active, this can make Ryze very spooky in long rounds.


  • Talon (4g/Guild/Assassin): The other main carry option in the Guild trait is Talon, who is back as a high-cost Assassin. In TFT Fates, Talon was a four-cost Assassin that allowed him to jump from champion to champion. He is a four-cost champion in TFT Dragonlands but does something a little different. This time, he has the ability “Shadow Assault.” When active, Talon drops aggro and goes into stealth. When he does this, he throws out a ring of blades around him which deal damage. Then he jumps to a new enemy champion and, when he arrives, the blades close in on them for even more damage. Aggro-dropping champions have been historically dominant in TFT, so look out for Talon.


  • Bard (5g/Guild/Mystic/Bard): Bard is the legendary Guild champion in TFT Dragonlands and is also one of the most unique champions in TFT to date. He comes with the Mystic trait and his unique trait, Bard. The Bard trait states that whenever a champion dances, which happens when a champion survives a round, Bard has a chance to drop a “doot.” These doots permanently increase the shop odds of containing three, four and five-cost champions by one percent for each doot. Bard’s ability is “Tempered Fate,” which launches an AoE projectile at the largest clump of enemies. Enemies hit by the ability are stunned for a duration and take increased damage while stunned. If Bard lands his ability on an enemy, he dances, which creates a doot.

Sample composition

TFT Set 7 Guild comp
This composition uses Talon as the main carry but players can use Ryze depending on items. | Screenshot Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

This sample comp takes advantage of the full Guild champion lineup, but it really focuses on the strengths of Talon. While Talon is doing all the lifting, the very powerful Cavalier frontline buys ample time for him. The secondary carry in this composition can be almost any other champion, but Nunu is a fantastic secondary option since he can simply delete enemies with his “Consume” ability.

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