TFT Set 7 Dragonlands: Econ guide
TFT Set 7 Dragonlands Augments econ guide

TFT Set 7 Dragonlands: Econ guide

A guide on how to save gold in TFT Set 7

The new Teamfight Tactics expansion TFT Dragonlands is out now, which means players can hop back on the ranked ladder. For players looking to improve their play, here is an econ guide that will teach players how and when to preserve gold at crucial stages, making sure they have money when they need it most.

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Stage 2-1 (10 gold)

The first econ interval is the most important. The faster a player can get to their first 10 gold in the bank the better off they will be. At 2-1, players should try hard to make sure they hit 10 gold. Unless they are keeping critical pairs on their bench or are playing a really strong board and level to four, players should sell their excess champions to hit 10 gold here.

Stage 2-7 (30 gold at level five/50 gold at level four)

Players are in a good state if they can be level five at the Krugs stage with 30 gold going into the round. At a bare minimum, players should try to have 20 gold at level five going into the Krugs round. If players are playing a reroll composition and have not pushed the level button, players should be around 50 gold going into the Krugs round.

Stage 3-2 (30 gold at level six)

Since Stage 3-2 is the main stage players decide to level up, if players are following the standard leveling guide, they should look to be level six with at least 30 gold. It’s okay to roll a little gold here but don’t try to go below 30 and do not go below 20.

Stage 3-5 (30 gold level seven/50 gold level six)

The goal in terms of gold after the carousel in stage 3 is to be at 50 gold on level six or able to level to seven and still have 30 gold. Some players often go all-in at level seven at this stage and will roll their gold down to zero. Others will stay at level six or seven and just wait for the next stage.

Stage 4-1 (50 gold level 7)

Stage 4-1 is often the most important stage in the game in terms of econ. That’s because many players often roll a lot of gold at this stage in order to get to their late-game boards. To have efficient chances at hitting the right champions, players should have 50 gold to roll with at this stage in the game.

Stage 5-1 (50 gold level eight)

In standard metagames, players will often find themselves hitting level eight at beginning of stage five. At this point, players should have 50 gold to spend to close out their final end-board strategy. After that, players can address their economy and game state to decide if saving gold to hit level nine is worth it or if they should just roll their gold on level eight.

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