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Teamfight Tactic’s newest expansion, TFT: Gizmos & Gadgets hits the PBE on Tuesday and brings in 59 new champions, a plethora of new traits and of course a brand new set mechanic: Hextech Augments. While somewhat similar to Galaxies from TFT Set 3, Set 6’s augments give each player their own series of meaningful choices to express their skill and creativity.

Those choices appear throughout the game and give players a specific bonus for the rest of the game. Some of them are trait-specific, some of them help the player and some of them harm enemy players. Here is an in-depth look at how it all works.

Three Hextech Augment choices per game

Games can get off to an insane start, especially if a player gets the “Rich get Richer” augment. | Provided by Riot Games

Each player will have the opportunity to acquire three different Hextech Augments throughout the game. The first one appears at stage 1-4. When this happens, a special selection screen will pop up with three different options. Players can select one of these and the effects are applied for the rest of the game.

At Stage 3-5, another special selection screen will pop up, giving players an additional choice. The final one was originally shown on stage 5-1 but is currently on 4-6. The timing may change throughout the PBE cycle, but all that matters is there are three different opportunities to acquire these augments.

Hextech Augments have different rarities

A selection of three gold augments. | Provided by Riot Games

Obviously, some Hextech Augments will be better than others. To help differentiate between this, there is a tier system. Hextech Augments come in Silver, Gold and Prismatic rarities.

But while the rarities do scale somewhat as the game goes on, there is a chance for a prismatic Hextech Augment to appear even at the first selection. This can make games very chaotic from the start. The caveat here is if someone has a prismatic augment in their selection, everyone will also have one among their potential choice as well.

With more than 140 augments, games will never feel the same

TFT Set 6 Augments
A good example of three different effects. These are just a tiny fraction of the total choices in TFT Set 6. | Provided by Riot Games

In TFT: Set 6, there are a ridiculous amount of Hextech Augments that do a wide variety of different things. There are more than 140 of them currently in the game.

A decent amount of these are in the form of “hearts,” which make your team count as if it had +1 of a particular trait. There are hearts for every single trait and origin in the game. Others are trait and origin emblems, which allow you to pick which unit gains a particular bonus.

Some of the augments also have upgraded versions at each rarity. For example, Knife’s Edge gives units in the front two rows additional attack damage, and there is a Knife’s Edge at each of the three rarities. The rarer ones simply give more attack damage.

Some augments give bonuses to certain traits, too. For example, Smoke Bomb is an augment specifically for assassins. The argument states that the first time each assassin on your team drops below 60% health, they briefly enter stealth, shed all negative effects and become untargetable.

There are also special augments that benefit the player instead of the board. One is called Metabolic Accelerator, and it gives your little legend (or chibi champion) additional movement speed, which can help secure carousel items faster. But more importantly, the tactician heals two health at the start of each round. Yes, it is now possible for players to regenerate health.

As for the prismatic rarity augments, there are a few crazy ones, and one of those is “Level Up!” This augment says when players buy XP, they gain an additional four experience points. And it also allows them to reach level 10.

These are just a fraction of the possibilities players can with the TFT Set 6 Augments. Find out the rest when the expansion hits the live servers on Patch 11.22.

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