TFT Set 6.5 PBE initiates last big patch before launch
Ahri from TFT Set 6.5 PBE patch notes TFT Neon Nights Teamfight Tactics
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TFT Set 6.5 PBE initiates last big patch before launch

There will only be one more PBE patch before the official launch

A full week of testing for the new Teamfight Tactics mid-set expansion for Gizmos & Gadgets has come and gone. The Public Beta Environment (the special client that players can play with changes that come to League of Legends and TFT before they go live) has had the TFT: Neon Nights expansion since Feb. 1. In the time the TFT Set 6.5 PBE has been up, many balancing changes have been ironed out for when TFT Neon Nights goes live during Patch 12.4.

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On Tuesday, TFT Lead Designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer tweeted out the last round of changes hitting the PBE. The long list of changes includes buffs and nerfs to many champions, augments, traits and bug fixes. Mortdog also stated that these will be the last big changes hitting the PBE outside of bug fixes “for a week.” He ended his tweet by stating that players can expect one last patch before Set 6.5 launches next week. Here is a breakdown of the biggest changes in the new PBE patch.


Ashe is one of the champions to receive the most changes this patch. The new Syndicate Sniper now shoots more arrows on her Volley spell with a quicker launch time. The trade-off is that the attack speed slow is lower.

Other champions that received big changes are Gnar, Morgana, Senna, Alistar, Kha’Zix, Renata Glasc, Sivir, Silco and Zeri.

Outside of those champions, Ahri also received a big change. She now has four hexes of range, instead of three and her spell range now extends to five hexes, instead of four. This will allow Ahri to stay a safe distance to cast her spell and also hit the backline if players want to play her aggressively.


There were four big trait changes in this patch. The first is Challenger. With the introduction of Draven and Tryndamere, the Challenger trait has been over-performing. So, in the new patch, Challenger’s have been nerfed at the two and four intervals.

Somewhat related to the Challenger nerf is a Chemtech nerf. Tryndamere and Warwick are both Chemtech Challenger’s so this is like a double nerf to them. At the three, five and seven intervals, Chemtech champions are getting less health regen.

Hextech was originally overpowered when Neon Nights first hit the PBE. But, after a huge nerf, Hexctech is getting some of its power back with more damage at all ranks and bigger shields at the six and eight intervals.

Finally, there is Innovator. The seven Innovator interval has been a problem, not only on the live server but on the PBE too. The Mechanical Dragon is getting nerfed in the spell department. The fear duration is lower and so is the critical strike damage.


Perhaps the biggest changes in this patch are to the augments. To start off, two new augments patterns have been introduced while one was taken away. This change was made to make it slightly more likely that Prismatic augments appeared in games, which is now a 33 percent chance, instead of 31.

As for specific changes, there is now only one Archangel’s Embrace augment, instead of three. The one that is staying is the gold version. Verdant Veil has been upgraded to a Prismatic augment and, with it, a two-second increase in duration. Three’s Company has also been upgraded from a Silver to a Gold with an extra three-cost champion to compensate.

To wrap up the biggest change is the buff to Tiny Titans. The augment is unchanged and is now only a gold tier augment.

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