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With the Teamfight Tactics Reckoning World Championship Play-In Stage finally over, the final four players to join the 16 player group stage have been decided and the groups have been revealed. Groups were randomized after the end of Day 1 as players have been split into two static groups of eight. Each group will play on a separate day with Group A playing on Saturday. Group B will play on Sunday, October 3. The top four players in each group will advance to the finals on Monday to compete for the crown of TFT Reckoning World Champion. Here is the breakdown of each group for the $250,000 TFT Reckoning World Championship.

Group A

The headliners in Group A consist of the winners of the regional finals from Europe, South Korea, Brazil, and Oceania. Not only will Gluteus Maximus get a chance to prove himself on the world’s stage in this group, but he will also get a chance to show he deserved the first seed from EU as well. That’s because three of EU’s four seeds have been put into the same group. Joining Gluteus Maximus is the third and fourth seeds from EU, ACKK, and Shircane. Shircane is one of the four play-in players to make it to the Group Stage. Another player from the play-in stage that will join Shircane in Group A is OCE champion, Escha. Escha led all players in the Play-In Stage with 28 points.

China’s second seed Zixingche will get the first chance to redeem China’s poor performance in the Play-In Stage. Brazil’s champion Souolucas will get a chance to avenge fellow countryman, Inc mplete, who barely missed the cut during the play-ins. Woozzul, formerly known as Woojung, will also get a chance to avenge Korea’s poor performance.

Rounding out the group is North America’s second seed, DeliciousmilkGG who known for his antics on social media. The rivalry between NA and EU is strong as ever but Milk is aiming to stop it.

Group B

Group B is headlined by the regional champions from North America, China, Latin America, and Japan.

Robinsongz is by far the favorite in this group to move on. After his historical performance in the NA Regional Finals, Robinsongz is looking to show that not only is he the best player in NA, but that he’s also the best player in the world.

China’s regional finals winner, Qitux is coming off a fantastic showing in his previous event. He won three lobbies in the four-game finals, ending the checkmate event before a majority of the lobby had a chance to hit check. The only other player that had a chance to steal the win away from Qitux in the event’s finals was Huanmie, who is entering Worlds as China’s third seed.

LATAM’s champion, El Tomo is looking to give LATAM their first-ever appearance in the top eight finals at Worlds. LATAM’s second seed, SMBappe will give LATAM two chances to do it. SMBappe qualified for the group stage through the Play-In Stage after a clutch performance in the last game, getting a first-place finish which shot him up the standings into third place. The fourth play-in participant who qualified for the Group Stage was Nukomaru who actually finished in second place on Day 1. Unlike LATAM, Japan has always had its representative in the top eight finals. Nukomaru will be trying to extend that streak.

Rounding out Group B are the second seeds from Korea and EU. Korea’s Ddudu will be trying to make the most of his first Worlds appearance after barely missing out last year. EU’s Skipaeues will be trying to make his home country of the Czech Republic proud as he is the first player from the country to make an appearance at Worlds.