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The Teamfight Tactics Reckoning II event is in the home stretch and players don’t have much longer to complete their missions. TFT’s current Pass+ event comes to an end on Nov. 2 at 2:59 AM ET, which is also when the main batch of missions for this set expire. With very little information available online on how to complete the TFT Reckoning II missions, we decided to put together a comprehensive guide that goes over all of the available missions while there is still ample time to work through them.

As these missions require very specific circumstances, we suggest completing them in the Normal or Hyper Roll queues. We do not advise trying for any of these missions in Ranked unless they carry synergy with your main compositions.

As an added bonus, working on any of these missions right now (or playing Teamfight Tactics in general) will also award Worlds 2021 tokens. For more information on how to earn tokens and all of the available rewards, check out our Worlds 2021 event guide.

A Little of This and That: Have 8 or more active Traits in a battle

This is one of the TFT Reckoning II missions that a lot of players have had trouble completing, but it can be fairly simple. In fact, the toughest part of this mission is simply lasting long enough to get to Level 8, which in itself is not that difficult.

The easiest team composition to complete this mission requires only T1, T2 and T3 champions. That team comp is as follows:

Gragas (T1), Vladimir (T1), Kled (T1), Vayne (T1), Sejuani (T2), Tristana (T2), Soraka (T2), Miss Fortune (T3).

In this comp, Vayne is interchangeable with any other Forgotten hero. Hecarim, Thresh, Draven and Viego can all be used in her place.

The above combination of eight heroes would activate the following traits: 2 Forgotten, 2 Hellion, 2 Dawnbringer, 2 Nightbringer, 2 Brawler, 2 Renewer, 2 Cavalier and 2 Cannoneer. Having those eight traits active at once would complete the mission.

Of course, with a mission as wide-ranging as this, there is an infinite number of combinations that can work. Credit to discovering this particular team comp goes to Reddit user phoenixairs, who also found two other working options.

Absolute Unit: Field a champion with 3,000+ health

Fielding a champion with at least 3,000 health is a fairly easy task to complete. Simply build a squad of four Brawlers and throw a Warmog’s Armor on whichever of your Brawlers you 2-star first.

Even though there are only five Brawlers available in the TFT Reckoning II set, four of the five are low-cost and easy to obtain early in the game. Unless you get a really poor run of luck in the early game, Gragas (T1), Sejuani (T2), Sett (T2) and Nunu (T3) should all show up in your champion tray at one point or another. Because of the low-cost nature of these units, you should be able to 2-star at least one of them early on as well.

From there, you just need to hunt a couple of Giant’s Belts and combine them into a Warmog’s Armor that you can throw on your 2-star Brawler to get well clear of the 3,000 HP requirement for this mission.

And Hell Came With Them: Field three 3-star Hellions

While this is one of the most straightforward missions in the TFT Reckoning II batch, it is also among the most frustrating to complete. The task: Build three gold Hellion units. The problem: Any time you’re talking about a comp with multiple three-star units, it requires a ton of RNG to complete.

Thankfully, there are a lot of budget Hellion champions available in the TFT Reckoning II set. Kled (T1), Poppy (T1), Ziggs (T1), Kennen (T2), Tristana (T2) and Lulu (T3) are all available fairly early in the game. This means you can start rerolling early and try to get as far as you can in your Hellions’ evolutions before you’ve leveled enough to where they become harder to come by.

With a little luck, you may even complete the Power Spike mission (listed below) while working on this one.

Can’t Touch This: Have a champion with 300 armor when they take a hit

While this is one of the trickier missions on this list, it’s still fairly easy to complete. All you need is a little bit of luck and a long enough game.

I completed this mission on my first try by simply building a 6 Redeemed composition and putting multiple complete armor items on Rell. The champions I used were Aatrox (T1), Leona (T1), Varus (T2), Syndra (T2), Lux (T3) and Rell (T4). The items I had on Rell were Bramble Vest (40 Armor), Gargoyle Stoneplate (20 Armor) and Sunfire Cape (20 Armor).

The only moderately tough champion to come by in this composition is Rell. The main x-factor here will be the RNG required to build multiple armor items. You’ll want to go out of your way to pick up as many Chain Vests or complete armor items in the armory as you can find.

Bonus: While completing this mission, there is a very good chance you’ll be able to knock out the Redemption Realized mission (listed below) at the same time. That mission requires a player to win a round with a surviving Redeemed champion holding three items.

TFT Reckoning II Pass Guide Radiant Items
Radiant items replaced Shadow items in a 2021 mid-set update for TFT Reckoning II. | Provided by Riot Games.

Chosen One: Equip a Radiant item on a 3-star champion

Radiant items were released in a big mid-set update earlier this year and are the successors to Shadow items in TFT. Basically, Radiant items are souped-up, stronger versions of regular completed items. Players will get access to these items periodically throughout the game via the armory. For this mission, all you need to do is pick up a Radiant item and hold onto it until you’ve built a three-star (gold) unit.

Simply equip your gold unit with your radiant item and you should have this mission completed by game’s end.

Deep Cuts: Have a champion with 150% bonus critical strike damage (+280% total) when they hit an enemy

This is one of the most RNG-reliant missions in the TFT Reckoning II pass and is therefore among the toughest to complete. The easiest way to pull it off is with an Assassin comp along with multiple crit-based items.

The best way to stack critical strike damage is with the Infinity Edge and Jeweled Gauntlet items. Infinity Edge adds 1% bonus critical strike damage for every point of critical strike chance a champion has above 100%. On the other hand, Jeweled Gauntlets come with a passive 40% bonus crit damage.

The difficulty level of this mission will vary depending on your RNG in a given match. For example, if you can pair two Jeweled Gauntlets with an Infinity Edge instead of one gauntlet, you’ll have a much easier time. The same will be true if you manage to find a Zenith Edge or a Glamorous Gauntlet (the Radiant equivalents of the two items). And, of course, you’ll always stack more bonus crit if you can build a larger Assassin comp.

The primary issue when it comes to Assassins is that there are only five in this set. To make matters worse, they include a 4-cost and a 5-cost champion. The available Assassins are Kha’Zix (T1), Pyke (T2), Nocturne (T3), Diana (T4) and Viego (T5).

This means that, realistically, the best you can hope for in a given match is building the 4 Assassin trait. Activating the 6 Assassin trait would not only require the good fortune of finding both a Diana and a Viego, but you’d also need to build an Assassin Emblem to create the sixth Assassin champion. Assassin Emblems are built by combining Sparring Gloves with a Spatula.

Dynamic Duo: Field a team with two 2-star, 5-cost champions

Dynamic Duo follows the trend of tough-to-complete, RNG-reliant missions in the TFT Reckoning II pass. Not only do you need quite a bit of luck to complete this mission, you need a long match to pull it off.

The instructions are simple: find three copies of a 5-cost champion to build a silver two-star unit. Then do it again.

The only way you can really help yourself in this mission is to get to Level 8 as fast as possible. Levels 1-6 don’t drop 5-cost units at all. Level 7 only drops them at a 1% rate. Once you sprint to Level 8, you’ll have a 5% chance of discovering 5-cost units. From here, you’ll just need to pray to the RNG gods and reroll like a fiend.

Playing an economic game

My recommendation in completing this mission is to run an economic game early. Build your gold bank up to 50 as soon as possible and then each round after, use all your excess gold above 50 to level up. As soon as you hit Level 8, use all of your excess gold to then reroll as much as possible and hope for the best.

The toughest part of this mission beyond the RNG is being able to survive long enough on an economic build to get to that late stage in the game. According to our resident TFT expert, Warren Younger, the best way around this is to “play your strongest board.” This means making a strong frontline and a strong backline using only what you have available, without rerolling. If you have to pick between using two 1-star units that share a trait and two 2-star units that have no synergy, go with the two 2-star units. Earlier in the game, higher evolution champions perform better than most low trait tiers. You’ll also want to make use of whatever items you find early.

If you’re looking to evolve units while still carrying some synergy in the early game, Redeemed, Skirmisher and Sentinels are all strong three-unit traits. Dawnbringer and Nightbringer are good as well. In my personal experience, Brawlers are also easy to field and help early-game survivability when I’m trying for an economic build.

Face-Melter: Have a champion cast a spell with 300 ability power

With just a pinch of item luck, this mission is pretty much a cakewalk. I got this completed on my first try in a Hyper Roll match by building a 3 Redeemed comp with an Archangel’s Staff and a Rabadon’s Deathcap. I actually meant to equip those two items on my two-star silver Syndra but I accidentally threw them on my one-star bronze Lux. Despite Lux being a champion that is fairly slow at casting her abilities, and my copy being just one-star, I still completed the mission.

I ran this mission back in another Hyper Roll match and completed it with ease once again. This time I was able to get 6 Redeemed champions. I had a two-star silver Varus with a basic Archangel’s Staff and a Blue Buff. I also built a two-star silver Syndra, who I managed to equip with a Radiant Urf-Angel’s Staff. Both the Varus and the Syndra easily cleared the 300% AP threshold.

If you’re getting some good item luck, you can also build up a Ziggs with Blue Buff, Archangel’s Staff and Rabadon’s Deathcap and breeze through this mission even without any further composition building.

Obviously, the better evolved your champion and the better equipped it is, the easier you’ll find this mission. Since it’s so easily completable in a Hyper Roll match, that’s the mode I’d recommend here.

Hard Carry: Get a unit to deal 8,000 damage in one round

If you’re actually trying to win your TFT Reckoning II games, you’ll eventually complete this mission automatically. All you need is a strong carry. Look to run whatever comp seems ideal or meta to you at the time, pick one of your stronger damage-dealers out of that comp that you’ve evolved (three-stars would obviously be the most ideal here but two-star can work for higher cost champions) and gear them up properly.

You can click the tab on the left-side dropdown to switch the interface from showing all players’ current HP to showing the active battle damage chart. That chart will let you know how close or how far you are to an 8,000 damage round with your strongest champions.

Monstrosity Supreme: Create an Abomination with 3 items

This mission only requires players to field three different Abomination champions, each with an item of their own. Given the accessibility of champions in this trait, this mission is one of the easiest on this list.

Placing one completed item each on Kalista (T1), Brand (T2) and Nunu (T3) will work just fine for this mission.

The only tricky part when it comes to completing this task is you can’t be too strong or your champions won’t die and the abomination will never spawn. The easiest way around that for me was to simply place my Abomination champions on the front line. This guaranteed my squishy champions would die early and would thus spawn the abomination with three items.

Now Kill the Goose: Hatch 3 golden eggs in one game

This is one of the few TFT Reckoning II missions that can only be completed one way: You need the 5 Draconic trait active and you need the game to continue for several turns afterward.

The Draconic champions available in this set are Ashe (T1), Udyr (T1), Sett (T2), Zyra (T3), Galio (T4), Heimerdinger (T5). Luckily, you only need five of these champions on the board at the max, which means you don’t need to roll for the T5 Heimerdinger.

Once you’ve got five Draconics on the board, they’ll spawn a Golden Egg on your bench after the end of the round. DO NOT SELL THE EGG. You need these eggs to hatch if you want to complete this mission.

Because a Golden Egg can take anywhere from one to five turns to hatch, you’ll want to try and get your 5 Draconic trait active as early as possible so you have enough time to actually hatch three eggs.

Please note that you can only obtain eggs if you have space on your bench. Therefore, make sure you always have one open spot on your bench when trying for this mission.

Power Spike: Promote 3 champions to 2 stars in one round

This mission is fairly simple and just requires a bit of luck, timing and coordination. The most ideal time to complete this will likely be early in the game when you have a high chance of rerolling T1 champions. Simply find two copies of three separate champions and hope for a bit of luck while rerolling. Since this mission requires all three two-star evolutions in the same round, you may want to stack some gold up for a few rounds before going all-in on rerolls.

Redemption Realized: Win a round with a surviving Redeemed champion carrying 3 items

Another fairly straightforward mission that tells you everything you need to know in the title. Simply place three separate items on a Redeemed champion and position them in a place where you’re confident they won’t die during the battle.

I completed this mission automatically when I placed three armor items on Rell while working on the Can’t Touch This mission outlined above.

Spam Filter: Have a unit cast 6 or more times in one battle

This is another mission where there isn’t much to it and you’ll likely complete it simply by playing the game and working on other missions. I completed Spam Filter while I was working on the Face-Melter mission.

If you’re looking to work on this mission specifically, both Brand and Ziggs are champions that are available early in the game and will make this task walk in the park. Brand gets his abilities faster, but Ziggs can also help towards the much tougher “And Hell Came With Them” mission, which requires building three gold Hellions.

Now, both of these champions get their abilities so quickly that you can probably complete this mission even without any aid from items. That being said, equipping either of these champions with a Blue Buff will help them cast abilities a lot faster. Any other Tear of the Goddess items, such as Archangel’s Staff, will help move this along as well.

That’s Gotta Sting: Have a unit deal 800+ damage in a single attack or ability

There are a limitless number of ways to complete this mission and it all boils down to this: build a really strong unit. You are likely to complete this mission just by playing the game and working on your other quests.

For those interested in the formula that worked for me, I used a 2-star Zyra with Blue Buff, Archangel’s Staff and Rabadon’s Deathcap. I threw that together while I was working on another mission so Zyra didn’t even have any traits active when I completed this mission. Item synergy will be the best way to get this done.

Twice Dead Am I: Have a champion resurrect twice in the same battle

This is an easy mission and all it requires is a little bit of RNG. All you need are two Revenant champions active on the field at one time, with a Guardian Angel on one of those champions.

While it shouldn’t be too difficult to pick up a Nocturne (T3), you’ll need a bit of luck to roll your next champion. The three other Revenants available in this set are Fiddlesticks (T4), Ivern (T4) and Volibear (T5). You could also get lucky and find a Revenant Emblem in the armory, which would turn any other champion on your board into a Revenant as well.

Once you have your 2 Revenant trait active, simply fit one of the two champions with a Guardian Angel and place them in the frontline to ensure they die twice during the battle. A Guardian Angel can be built by combining a B.F. Sword with a Chain Vest.

And that’s it. If you’ve followed this guide to this point, you should have ever general mission in the TFT Reckoning II pass complete. Please note that the missions expire a few days before the pass does, so if you still have missions to complete, you’re running out of time!

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