TFT Patch 12.7 breakdown: the Worlds patch is here

TFT Patch 12.7 breakdown: the Worlds patch is here

Big changes to augments while champions and traits stay somewhat stable

The most important patch of the Teamfight Tactics Gizmos and Gadgets set, Wednesday’s Patch 12.7, is here. Also known as the Worlds patch, it’s aimed at making the high level experience as balanced as possible with the TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Championship around the corner.

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Here is a breakdown of all the important changes players need to know before they jump into the new meta.

System Changes/Augments/Items

The biggest changes in this patch are to the augment system, since the balance for champions and traits is in a solid place. However, many augments put players in awkward situations due to when they are offered. At a high level, augments can make or break games. Riot Games is addressing this by shifting power around to try to make the game as balanced as possible heading into this season’s World championship.

The most impactful changes to augments are coming in the form of tier changes. For example, since many augments focused around player economy lose value the longer the game goes on, it can be a death sentence to pick them when offered a choice of Gold or Prismatic options. To combat this, Riot is bringing some of the econ augments, like Four Score and High Five, down a tier. Meanwhile, other high-value econ augments, like Windfall and Golden Ticket, are getting additional buffs.

As for the combat augments, many are getting nerfed via tier jumps. Hextech Heart, for example, went from a Silver to a Gold augment. Irresistible Charm, the Debonair augment, is also now a Gold augment. Other, pointless augments — like Scholar Crest — have been removed entirely so as not to bait players away from better choices.

These changes were all made in an attempt to create meaningful choices throughout the game instead of no-brainers, which should encourage a more diverse metagame.

And oh yeah — Tiny Titans is now a Silver augment. Have fun with that one.


After a huge B-patch for TFT Patch 12.6, the meta has seemed to stabilize. As a result, there are not many champion changes in TFT Patch 12.7. In fact, most of the changes are not nerfs, but buffs.

Ashe is getting a buff that may see her come back into the metagame as a premier reroll carry option. Tryndamere is getting some power back after the nerfs to Warwick. Seraphine is getting a mana buff that may make her a premier four-cost again. And then there are Zeri and Galio, who got buffs to help them match the other five-cost champions in power.


There aren’t many trait changes, but two of the three are buffs to mana regeneration. Scholar is getting a buff at the four and six intervals, with both restoring five more mana every two seconds.

The other mana buff comes from the Yordle trait. At the six Yordle intervals, the tiny champions will now have a 30% mana reduction on their spells, which is up from 25%.

The only relevant nerf comes from the Twinshot trait. The bonus attack damage at the four and five intervals is being cut down. At four Twinshots, the champions will have five less attack damage. At five Twinshots, they will have 10 less.

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