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The final patch of Teamfight Tactics Gizmos and Gadgets is here. TFT Patch 12.3 marks the finale of the first half of TFT Set 6. TFT Neon Nights will take over in patch 12.4 but that doesn’t mean that this patch isn’t important. The TFT Patch 12.3 notes showcase some big changes that players will need to know to hit their desired rank before the season ends in a couple of weeks. Here is a breakdown of all the important things coming to TFT Patch 12.3.

TFT Patch 12.3 System changes

By far the biggest changes coming to TFT Patch 12.3 have to deal with some core system changes. These changes go past the current metagame. The system changes will be a part of TFT throughout TFT Neon Nights as well.

The first big change is to the Tome of Traits consumable. How Tome of Traits used to work was that it would give players a choice of four different emblems with a mix of random ones and ones that a player currently had on their board. But the rules behind it were wonky at best and were not directly told to the player. Because of the lack of clarity, Riot Games revamped the item in TFT Patch 12.3. Now the rules are as follows:

  • 0 to 4 inactive or active traits = 0 tailored emblems
  • 5 to 6 inactive or active traits = 1 tailored emblem
  • 7 to 8 inactive or active traits = 2 tailored emblems
  • 9 to 10 inactive or active traits = 3 tailored emblems
  • 11 or more inactive or active traits = 4 tailored emblems

As for the other big system change, players have been complaining about getting unplayable augments in the late game, especially Prismatic crown augments for traits that players did not have active on their board already. In TFT Patch 12.3, players will now no longer receive Prismatic Crown augments unless they already have the trait. This means players will not get a Chemtech Crown as their second or third augments unless they already have Chemtech in.

However, there are two exceptions. Players can still be offered Mercenary Crown and Mutant Crown if they only have two Mercenary or two Mutant in play. Everything else is off-limits.


Speaking of Tome of Traits, in TFT Patch 12.3, the biggest augment-related trait is actually to Ancient Archives. Ancient Archives used to be a Gold augment that simply gave a player a Tome of Traits. With the new Tome of Traits rules, Riot Games believes that the consumable is actually weaker than before so they are now making Ancient Archives a silver tier-one augment in TFT Patch 12.3.

As for other augment changes, Sunfire Board is getting a buff and so is Thrill of the Hunt. As for nerfs, Featherweights and Shrug it Off are being toned down a bit.

Items, Traits, Champions

For the first time all set, there are no major champion changes but there is a single small one. Swain is getting another nerf this time to his maximum mana. In TFT Patch 12.3, Swain’s mana will be raised to 85 from 80.

Socialite is getting a buff at the two-interval by giving champions in the spotlight hex an additional one mana regen per second.

And for items, the lone one in the entire patch notes is Runaan’s Hurricane. The item is getting an attack damage nerf on its additional bolt. Instead of dealing 75% of the user’s attack damage, in TFT Patch 12.3, it will only do 70%.

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