TFT Patch 12.12 Tier List: Imagine (playing) Dragons
TFT Patch 12.12 Tier List Sy'Fen

TFT Patch 12.12 Tier List: Imagine (playing) Dragons

Patch 12.12 doesn't boast any S-tier comps, but Dragons rule the A-Tier

The 12.12 patch of Teamfight Tactics Set 7, TFT Dragonlands, is in full swing, but figuring out which team compositions are good can be hard. That’s especially true with this patch having multiple mid-patch hotfixes to tame the metagame. However, thanks to aggregate data sites like, finding out the play is just in the numbers. Here is a look at the current TFT Patch 12.12 tier list based on average placement.

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TFT Patch 12.12 Tier List

A-Tier (Average Placement below 4.20)

Tempest Mage

TFT 12.12 Tier LIst.
Ao Shin is the main carry here with Ornn as the main tank. | Screenshot provided by Warren Younger/ Team Builder.

The best-performing comp is also one that many players probably didn’t know existed. Tempest Mage is a very expensive composition that needs every powerful crowd-control tool in the game to function. The comp works by buying time for the main carry, AoShin, to cast his costly but powerful spell. The comp does this by locking down the enemy composition through the various CC abilities thrown out by Bard, Zoe, Ornn, Lulu and Heimerdinger.

Sy’fen Bruisers

Sy’fen is the main carry with a plethora of secondary carry options. One of them being Talon. | Screenshot provided by Warren Younger/ Team Builder.

One of the best comps in the game currently plays around the Whispers Dragon Sy’fen. As a front-line carry, Sy’fen excels at not only dealing with other frontline tanks, but also diving the backline to one-shot the strongest of ranged carries. Their other trait, Bruiser, lets the comp naturally have a ton of frontline and CC, which allows for a variety of flex options when it comes to secondary carries.

Shi Oh Yu Jade

Shi Oh Yu is the main carry in this comp with either tank items going on Neeko or more damage items on Anivia. | Screenshot provided by Warren Younger/ Team Builder.

The most straightforward comp on this list. Players that like to collect the champions of the same vertical trait should love playing Jade in TFT Patch 12.12. By simply taking the best Jade champions and throwing them on the board, players have access to one of the easiest and best comps in the game. The comp is carried by the Jade Dragon Shi Oh Yu. Like Sy’Fen, Shi Oh Yu is a front-line carry that opens up options for great secondary carries like Anivia.

B-Tier (Average Placement below 4.30)

Swiftshot Bruisers

Varus and Xayah can both be the main carry with tank items going on Illaoi. | Screenshot provided by Warren Younger/ Team Builder.

Another straightforward composition. For players that love simple back-to-front fighting, this comp is for them. The game plan is very simple. Players simply put up a frontline of four tanky Bruisers and a backline of four ranged Swiftshot champions. The carries of choice in this comp are Varus and Xayah. Varus is the main carry option thanks to the ease of access to his three-star version due to the Astral trait.

C-Tier (Average Placement below 4.5)

Revel Cannoneer

Corki is the main carry here with Ornn taking all the tank items. | Screenshot provided by Warren Younger/ Team Builder.

For players that hate waiting for long, drawn-out fights, Revel Cannoneer is here to save the day. This composition relies on the Revel Cannoneer core of Sona, Corki and Jinx to dish out burst damage quickly. The supporting cast is good in this comp as the damage can come from many different sources. Even the Trainer trait Gromp, Nomsy, can deal a ton of damage.

Six Shapeshifter

TFT 12.12 Tier LIst.
Reroll for Nidalee and then proceed to throw tank items on either Neeko or Shyvana. | Screenshot provided by Warren Younger/ Team Builder.

Finally at the bottom of C-Tier of the TFT Patch 12.12 Tier List is Shapeshifter. Back in the previous patch, this comp was one of the best performers, but with the changes to durability in the current patch, the comp lacks the survivability that it once had. However, it doesn’t lack in the damage department. Nidalee is still one of the best low-cost reroll carries in the game and with the right augments, this comp is still a threat to keep up with any other team in the game.

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