TFT Patch 12.12 hotfix tones down Volibear and Daeja
TFT Patch 12.12 hotfix Volibear

TFT Patch 12.12 hotfix tones down Volibear and Daeja

Daeja and Volibear were performing too well to be left alone.

Just hours after the new Patch 12.12 for Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands was released, the live balance team realized that there might have been a little oversight when it came to a couple of buffs. With Daeja and Volibear dominating lobbies left and right, the team pulled the trigger on a hotfix to bring both of those champions back in line. The TFT Patch 12.12 hotfix is already live; for  details on the changes, read below.

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The TFT Patch 12.12 hotfix entails nerfs to Daeja as well as a revert of the buffs to Volibear. Volibear got significant buffs in Patch 12.12 due to his poor performance in the previous patch, receiving three buffs in total; the first buff was an attack speed buff from .7 to .75, with the other two buffs being massive changes to his actual spell that increased his bonus health from 375/650/1200 to 550/1000/1800 and gave raised his bonus spell damage from 160/175/190 to 170/180/190. Those last two buffs were reverted with this new patch.

Daeja’s was completely reworked in Patch 12.12 since she didn’t have a true identity in the previous patch. Riot attempted to turn her into a “true AP carry,” but in the early hours of the patch, Daeja ended up being the only AP carry. These nerfs lower her Attack Damage, which was making her too much of a mixed damage carry in the previous patch. Her other nerf targets her Windblast Spell Bolt damage, which is being nerfed at all ranks.

The nerfs were needed, especially when looking at the numbers; according to, Daeja has been the second-best performing comp on the new patch when it comes to average placement. With an average placement of 3.84 with a pick rate of .75, the Six Mirage composition was performing way too well. Volibear was also in line for a nerf — while not quite at the 3.84 average placement like Daeja, the Dragonmancer Volibear composition still slotted into the top five comps in terms of average placement despite its absurd 1.27 pick rate.

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