TFT Patch 12.12 breakdown: Assassin and one-cost nerfs could shake up meta
TFT Patch 12.12

TFT Patch 12.12 breakdown: Assassin and one-cost nerfs could shake up meta

Olaf and Ezreal nerfs along with Corki and Volibear are among some of the changes

The first patch since the launch of Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands is finally here. TFT Patch 12.12 brings a ton of new changes to TFT Set 7, including a lot of nerfs, buffs and reworks. Here is a breakdown of all the important changes coming to the game when the patch goes live on Thursday.

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One-cost champions were a hot topic in the first patch of TFT Set 7 Dragonlands. During Patch 12.11, many one-cost reroll comps were incredibly powerful. Leading that charge were Ezreal and Sett, who will both see nerfs to their damage outputs in Patch 12.12.

The other big bads of the Patch were the duo of Olaf and Diana, especially if a player hit an Assassin emblem for their Olaf. The near auto-win was off-putting to a lot of players, and Riot is making adjustments to fix the issue. Olaf is getting a flat attack damage nerf that should keep him good but not broken. Diana actually had a bug that hindered her, which is a scary thought thanks to how good she already is. The bug was that she could not scale with ability power, and as a result, Riot is nerfing her damage too.

Multiple champions are getting mini-reworks that should make them feel better to use. Sylas, Tahm Kench, Shyvana and Daeja are all having their abilities reworked. Sylas now indexes heavier into the tank role, Daeja is a true AP carry now, Shyvana now properly feels like a 10-cost dragon with multiple quality of life updates and Tahm Kench is now more consistent at dealing damage.

Other notable changes come in the form of buffs to Corki and Talon with nerfs to Ryze and Sett.  Oh, and expect Volibear to be one of the best champions in this patch as he got a trio of buffs.


The pace of rounds is lasting too long in TFT according to the live balance team. To fix this, Riot is decreasing defense across the board. Think of it as the opposite of the durability patch that just came out in League of Legends. In Patch 12.12, Shapeshifter, Bruiser, Dragon and Guardian traits are all having their bonus health and shields reduced.

Assassins are also getting nerfed significantly due to their oppressive takeover of the metagame in Patch 12.11.

Shimmerscale is getting buffed. Investing heavily into the Shimmerscale trait will feel better at the seven intervals. The trait will now grant a fourth item instead of three in Patch 12.12. Cannoner is also getting a damage buff.


Traits are the biggest changes in this section for TFT patch 12.11. Buffed augments include Binary Airdrop which now grants a random item component, Richochet does more damage on bounce to help out the poor state of the cannoneer trait and Reckless Spending will help out Shimmerscale as well.

A ton of augments have been nerfed as well. Notables include Ascension being a gold augment instead of silver, The Golden Egg taking one more turn to hatch and Meditation giving less mana per second.

Built Different now scales with stages, and True Twos now grants a two-star one-cost champion and a two-star two-cost champion.

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