TFT Patch 12.1: The Top 5 Double Up comps to play
Talon is a meta pick in TFT Double Up comp
Talon is a meta pick in TFT Double Up comp

TFT Patch 12.1: The Top 5 Double Up comps to play

A in-depth look at the top 5 comps in TFT's 2v2v2v2 mode for Patch 12.1
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Teamfight Tactics: Gizmos and Gadgets is about a month away from the mid-set expansion which means players have started to optimize how the game is played, not only in the standard mode but also in the new Double Up game mode. Double Up features a different ranked system and different playstyles too. Because of this, the metagame in Double Up is also different when it comes to which carries and comps are the best. Here are the top five TFT Double Up comps based on API data from sites like for Patch 12.1.

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Syndicate Shaco

Shaco is king in both standard and Double Up. | Provided by team builder

Just like in the standard TFT mode, Shaco is still the best comp to play in Double Up. This is because it’s easier to hit Shaco three-star thanks to your partner’s ability to send over additional Shaco’s through the Rune of Allegiance mechanic. Outside of that, the comp is strong because Shaco does massive damage and has built-in defense and healing thanks to the Syndicate trait. What makes him the best is due to his ability to drop agro every time he casts his spell.


A new comp on the rise that is strong both in standard and Double Up. | Provided by team builder

One of the new up-and-coming comps in the last few days has been the Imperial composition. After the trait got buffed in Patch 12.1, it was just a matter of time before the composition got popular. In the Double Up game mode, its time to shine is here. This comp is strong because it has many different carry threats. Samira is the primary carry threat that has existed ever since TFT Set 6 came out. However, Talon has emerged as a popular main carry choice, even more so than Samira at times. Also, Sion is the best frontline champion in the game and happens to be an Imperial champion. In Double Up, this comp is even stronger as players are often able to hit both Talon and Samira three-star and having two carries that can both function as the main carry is scary.

Jhin Snipers

Jhin is top tier in Double Up too. | Provided by team builder

Of course, the other S-tier composition in the TFT Patch 12.1 tier list would be on this list. Jhin Snipers is still strong for all the reasons it is in the standard TFT game mode. Jhin is the safest and strongest AD threat in the game and has the ability to hit multiple champions at once while also hitting like a truck. In Double Up, Jhin is even better because players have a legitimate win condition which is Jhin three-star. Hitting four-cost three-stars is ridiculously easy to do in Double Up and Jhin at three-star is among the best in the game. If teams can coordinate it, just hitting Jhin three-star is pretty much a guaranteed first place finish.


TFT Double Up comp
Same old Aracanists but with more Lux three-star. | Provided by team builder

Similar to Jhin Snipers, Arcanists has a similar win condition. Arcanists are one of the best compositions in the standard TFT game mode by being pretty much the only viable AP composition in the game. There are a lot of counters to AD compositions but not so much to AP. The reason why it isn’t the best is that the comp surprisingly lacks the burst needed to win fights. But that is solved in Double Up thanks to how easy it is to hit three-cost carries. Lux is the main carry of the composition and hitting her three-star shores up the main problem the comp has as Lux is able to hit that damage threshold needed to delete enemy teams.


TFT Double Up comp
Seraphine and Orianna pack a powerful one-two punch. | Provided by team builder

Lastly, we have Innovators. With the buffs to Heimerdinger and the Mechanical Bear, Innovators has picked up steam in the recent patch and has become a meta comp not only in the standard mode, but also in TFT Double Up. Just like many comps on this list, the allure of these compositions over others is the ease of hitting three-star champions. In this comp, there are three different carries that can easily win games if players hit them at three-star. But the main one players go after is Seraphine. Chalice of Power has become popular recently and the double threat of Orianna and Seraphine makes this comp a top five one for sure.

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