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It’s patch day for Teamfight Tactics and it’s also the start of the new year. TFT Patch 12.1 brought some massive changes, which have left players wondering what to play. Thanks to aggregate data sites like MetaTFT.com, the answer is in the numbers. Here are the top five best performing compositions according to MetaTFT.com, with explanations on why they are good compositions to climb in the early days of the patch.


Assassins are back and any of them can be the main carry. | Provided by Lolchess.gg team builder

Although Katarina is past her prime, the six Assassin compositions are back in TFT Patch 12.1. The core seems to be familiar, as players will want to find six Assassins with a Blitzcrank and Leona as the lone tanks in the composition. The comp draws its strength from having any of the six Assassins take the lead carry role. Twitch, Katarina, Talon, Shaco and Ekko are all carry candidates if they are three-star. Of course, Akali is the late-game threat.

Jhin Snipers

Jhin Snipers
Jhin Snipers are still around and one of the best comps in Patch 12.1. | Provided by Lolchess.gg team builder

One of the better comps of Patch 11.24 is still around in 12.1. Jhin Snipers is a very powerful composition that draws strength from its very strong supporting cast. With a team comprised of many of the top four-cost champions in the game, this composition buys all the time in the world for Jhin to carry fights. But its secondary carry is what makes this variant of the comp strong. Both Miss Fortune and Orianna are strong enough to walk alongside Jhin, if players find themselves with many AP items. For a complete guide on this comp check out the  Jhin Sniper guide.


After a two patch absence, it seems like Innovators are back in the meta. | Provided by Lolchess.gg team builder

Innovators were one of the best compositions on the release day of TFT Set 6. But, after a huge nerf to the Innovator seven interval, the composition lost its footing in the metagame. But, in Patch 12.1, after a buff to the mechanical bear and a range buff to Heimerdinger, Innovators have tinkered their way into the top five comps on Day 1. This comp plays around the raw AP strength of Heimerdinger while having an equally strong frontline super-tank with Jayce.


Arcanists never really left but they are back in the top 5 in Patch 12.1. | Provided by Lolchess.gg team builder

One of the most controversial compositions in the game at the moment is Arcanist. This composition has been around since the beginning of the set, with its power being spread between multiple carry threats. However, the most flashy and cost-efficient threat hasn’t been the most consistent one. Lux is supposed to be the premier carry of the composition but many players continually call for her to be buffed. Nevertheless, the numbers on Day 1 show that this composition, even with Lux being inconsistent, is placing well even in high-ranked ladder play.


One of the sleeper comps of Patch 11.24 is meta in Patch 12.1. | Provided by Lolchess.gg team builder

One of the sleeper compositions of Patch 11.24 was Syndicate. This was because, after the Akali fiasco of Patch 11.23, players recognized that Shaco can also be the main carry threat. So far in Patch 12.1, the Shaco and Akali-focused composition is proving to be good enough to hang with the top dogs. The composition is well-rounded with some of the best CC tools in the game with Braum and Zyra. Akali and Shaco are quite slippery in the backlines.

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