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As the TFT: Reckoning set winds down, the bi-weekly patches have become smaller. This is intentional, as Riot Games has stated they want to keep the game as untouched as possible heading into the TFT Reckoning Championship, to prevent a huge meta shake-up. With that said, Riot is trying to make healthy but impactful changes to make the game even better heading into the final few patches of the set. Here are the changes players need to be aware of in TFT patch 11.18, which goes live on Thursday, Sept. 9.

Ivern gets set-back to his knock-up

For the entirety of Set 5, Ivern has been one of the best tanks in the game. This is because Ivern not only has a built-in revive due to revenant, but his spell also casts Daisy, which is a big meat shield that can take plenty of hits. However, what makes Ivern top-tier is the fact that Daisy also has a powerful CC ability too. Daisy has been so powerful that almost every single composition has found a way to fit in Ivern. But after a nerf to Daisy’s knock-up range, a new nerf to the duration may finally phase out Ivern from the meta.

In patch 11.18, Ivern is receiving an adjustment. The change includes two buffs and a big nerf. The buffs are to Daisy’s attack damage and health. Daisy will now have 10 extra attack damage. When it comes to health, Daisy will have an extra 100 health at one-star and 200 health at two-star. But it’s the nerf that has the most impact. Daisy used to knock up enemy champions for 1.5 seconds at one-star and two seconds at two-star. But starting in patch 11.18, the duration has been lowered to half a second at one and two-star. The new duration is only a fourth of the duration it used to be at the two-star level.

Jax and Kayle receive nerfs

Jax and Kayle have been at the top of the metagame for the entirety of the last patch. But with the metagame being as diverse as it is, even though these units are getting nerfed, it’s only mainly at the one-star level.

Jax is getting a health nerf of 50, bringing him down to 950, while his Empowered Strike attack speed bonus is being reduced from 30% down to 20%, at one-star. At two-star, it’s being reduced from 35% to 30%. To compensate, Jax at three-star is now a monster of a unit. The Empowered Strike slam damage is being increased from 300% at three-star to 400%, making three-star Jax a practical auto-win.

Kayle is also getting touched, but less so. Kayle is actually getting buffed in the attack damage department receiving an additional five AD, bringing her base total to 80. But to compensate, Kayle is receiving nerfs to her first ascension AD scaling. The scaling at one-star is now only 60% down from 80%. At two-star, Kayle’s scaling is now 80% down from 90%.

Neither of these nerfs will make these units unplayable, but the nerfs are significant enough to take these units down from top-tier to just viable.

Radiant item tier list gets shakeup

A popular form of content for various TFT players recently, has been the idea of Radiant Item tier lists. Even though there are some controversial takes, there are some things many players agree with. The first is that the Radiant Statikk Shiv is bottom tier and the Radiant Bloodthirster is top tier. In patch 11.18, tier lists will change.

Radiant Bloodthirster gets one of the bigger nerfs in the item department. In patch 11.18, the item will now only grant a shield of 40% of the user’s max health instead of 60%. Radiant Stoneplate is also receiving a significant nerf. The item will now only grant 30 Armor and Magic Resist per enemy, instead of 40.

Buff wise, Radiant Statikk Shiv will have a 70% Magic Resist Shred, which is up from 50%. Meanwhile, the most exciting change comes from a buff to the Radiant Locket. The change grants a lower shield to allies in the same row as the holder, but has a new passive that states all allies will start combat with 200 extra health. This buff is huge, as it makes Locket one of the best defensive Radiant item pick-ups in the game.

For a detailed look at all of the changes coming with patch 11.18 for TFT, check here.

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