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TFT Patch 11.12 highlights
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TFT Patch 11.12 breakdown: More Armory, Less Hecarim

Abomination also receives some big adjustments.
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Just like every patch so far in TFT: Reckoning, 11.12 is a big one. In this patch comes a ton of buffs and nerfs to over and underperforming units, traits, and items. But some of the most interesting changes this patch are coming from brand-new additions to the game. The new patch goes live on June 9.

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With so many changes happening in TFT Patch 11.12, its impossible to highlight all of them. But it is possible to highlight the most impactful. Here are the top three changes happening in the TFT Patch 11.12

More Armories and new Loot

The Armory has been a fantastic addition to TFT: Reckoning, giving players more agency over the items they get. Riot has apparently liked this idea so much that they want to double down on it. Starting in TFT Patch 11.12, there will be even more armories added into the game. Instead of armories stopping after stage four, they can now appear in stage five and six.

They are also making the earlier armories behave a little differently. In the stage three armory, instead of having a choice of two normal item components, it will now always be one normal and one shadow. Also the stage four armory is no longer guaranteed, it will instead behave like the new armories that can appear in stage five and six, so players shouldn’t expect a normal armory.

Not only are there new armories, but there are also new things that can be obtained through them. In the stage four ,five, and six armories players may have a chance at getting full completed items, Emblems and the ever-controversial consumables. Players may remember the consumables from the lucky lanterns in TFT: Fates. Reforger, Loaded Dice, and Magnetic Remover are all back and are can obtained through the late-game armories. Reforger and Magnetic remover can also be obtained through regular orbs.

Hecarim and reroll comps get scaled back

With the new reroll rates introduced in patch 11.11, two and three cost reroll comps took over the meta. Although the B-patch put some of these in line, bigger changes are happening in TFT Patch 11.12.

The popular assassin reroll comp is being nerfed. Although players were shifting away from LeBlanc, she is still the target for some nerfs. Her chains now do about half damage across all levels, and her stun duration is being nerfed at one-star and buffed at three-star by a half second. Katarina is also being nerfed a little bit, only at three-star.

The biggest comp being nerfed is definitely the Brand/Cavalier comp. Even though the Cavalier trait got nerfed in the B-patch, it wasn’t enough to stop the onslaught of the Brand/Hecarim duo. Riot decided to change that in TFT Patch 11.12. Brand’s nerf is a simple but affective one. He will now be mana locked for a half second longer in-between casts. This nerf will make dealing with a three-star Brand a little more manageable.

Hecarim, on the other hand, wasn’t as fortunate when it came to his nerfs. Although Hecarim now correctly scales with Ability Power, the nerfs are intensive. Hecarim’s spell used to deal 1200 damage at three-star and 600 at two-star. Now he only does 500 at three-star which was even less then what he was doing at two-star last patch. His healing has been significantly nerfed too. Instead of healing for 800 HP at three-star, Hecarim in TFT Patch 11.12 will only heal for 500 at three-star.

Abomination highlights trait changes

Dr. Mundo isn’t the only Monster being reworked in Patch 11.12. On the TFT side, the Monstrosity from the Abomination trait is seeing some major adjustments too. The overperforming overlord is being toned down a lot.

Perhaps the biggest change to the Monstrosity lies in his new passive. Once the Monstrosity rises from his grave, he usually charges to the enemy backline knocking up everyone he hits. Now the Monstrosity will stop after he hits his second target. This makes the Abomination trait significantly worse if the plan is to use the Monstrosity to deal with backline carries. But the nerfs don’t stop there. The Monstrosity also now has less regular and bonus attack damage across all ranks. So not only does the Monstrosity have a hard time hitting the backline, he also has a hard time hitting at all. But there are some buffs to compensate.

Since the Monstrosity will now function more like a front-line tank, he is getting more armor and magic resist. He is also getting a cleanse effect on his ability cast. Now when he casts his ability, he will negate all attack speed slows and AD reductions which will allow him to truly be monstrous with the right items.

Players can see these changes starting Wednesday, June 9.

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