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Teamfight Tactic’s newest mid-set expansion is one of the biggest ever. With over 20 roster swaps some traits and champions are getting removed, but also some new ones are getting put in. Here is a look at the three new TFT Neon Nights traits and what they do.


There are seven Hextech Champion in TFT Neon Nights. | Provided by Riot Games.

With the Academy trait out, TFT needed a new large vertical synergy to take its place. That’s where Hextech comes in. The Hextech trait consists of seven different champions, including Swain who has been repurposed into a Hextech champion with Imperial out of the game.

The Hextech trait ability states that at the start of combat and every five seconds after, Hextech champions gain a shield that is active for four seconds and while active, attacks deal bonus on-hit magic damage.

This makes the Hextech trait one that focuses on generating sticky boards with shields and mixes damage into the mix. Also, the new Striker trait is mixed into this one as it has two champions that are apart of the five-piece synergy with Sivir and Jarvan IV. The Striker trait gives all Striker champions a big Attack Damage buff which in this case, makes Sivir a monster of mixed damage and the primary carry of the trait. Here is a breakdown of what champions are a part of the trait:

  • Jarvan IV-1g-Hextech/Striker
  • Nocturne-1g-Hextech/Assasin
  • Swain-2g-Hextech/Arcanist
  • Sejuani-2g-Hextech/Bruiser/Enforcer
  • Lucian-3g-Hextech/Twinshot
  • Alistar-4g-Hextech/Collosus
  • Sivir-4g-Hextech/Striker


There are six Debonair champions in TFT Neon Nights. | Provided by Riot Games.

Debonair is the replacement for the now-defunct Imperial trait in TFT Neon Nights. This is a six-piece trait that has 3/5/7 intervals. The trait states that Debonair champions gain bonus health and ability power. But there is something else that makes this trait stand out as just a vertical synergy. The Debonair trait gimmick brings back a variation of the Chosen mechanic back from TFT: Fates. Debonair champions have a chance at appearing in the shop is as VIP.

All Debonair champions can be a VIP like Draven here. | Provided by Riot Games.

The VIP mechanic works similarly to the Chosen trait as there is a clear indicator in the shop when a VIP Debonair is purchasable. Also like Chosen, players can only have one VIP until they sell their existing one and roll for a new one. However, they do not count as double of a trait like Chosen does and are not automatically two-star. In fact, they are just a single copy of a Debonair champion. But what they do get is an enhancement that makes them better than their normal version. For example, VIP Draven has infinite range and also ignores 50% of the target’s armor. Finally, here is a breakdown of which champions are in the trait.

  • Brand-1g-Debonair/Arcanist
  • Syndra-2g-Debonair/Scholar
  • Talon-2g-Debonair/Assassin
  • Leona-3g-Debonair/Bodyguard
  • Draven-4g-Debonair/Challenger
  • Zeri-5g-Debonair/Sniper

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