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With Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Gizmos & Gadgets Set 6.5 releasing, players were finally treated to the Neon Nights expansion. The new set update introduces several new champions, new little legends, new traits and the debut of “Arcane” supervillain Silco. Of course, players also have a new battle pass with tons of challenge missions to complete.

As TFT has recently pivoted to more difficult missions, players may find several of the tasks tricky or unclear. The following missions guide should help you get through all of your challenges and put you well on your way to completing the new TFT Set 6.5 Neon Nights battle pass.

Start the Progress Party | Play a match of Teamfight Tactics: Neon Nights

Before players can unlock any of the new Neon Nights missions (and there are a lot of them!), they’ll have to first complete the introductory mission. Simply play one game of TFT to score 500 battle pass XP and unlock your mission list.

If you’re looking for a quicker game, so you can get to your missions faster, we recommend queueing up for Hyper Roll.

Challenge: Crash the Party | Disrupt the celebrations by fielding Veigar, the Yordle Lord

Anyone who has played the popular Yordle composition in TFT will immediately recognize how to complete this mission. The criteria are pretty simple: Have every base Yordle in the game at three stars so you can spawn Veigar.

The way the Yordle trait works is that the moment you have three Yordles on the board, you’ll start spawning 1-2 free Yordles on your bench after every player vs. player turn.

The fact that there are so many budget Yordles available early in the game (Poppy and Ziggs are T1, Corki and Lulu are T2 and Vex and Gnar are T3) combined with the Yordle trait passive means players can jump on this composition right away. When all Yordles on the board are golden (three stars), the Yordle trait will switch to spawning Veigar.

Players simply need to get to this point in the game and move their first Veigar copy to the board to complete this mission. Keep in mind that this is the only way to spawn Veigar in TFT Set 6.5. He isn’t available in the carousel or from re-rolling.

Challenge: Magnum Opus | Have your innovators construct the mighty Mechanical Dragon

One of the traits in Neon Nights is called Innovator and this mission features maxing out that trait. Whenever a group of Innovator class champions are on the field, they spawn a mechanical companion to join them in the battle. The unit spawned depends on how many Innovators the player has. Three Innovators will spawn a Mechanical Scarab, five will spawn a Mechanical Bear and seven active Innovators will spawn the mighty Mechanical Dragon.

It is important to note that there are only six Innovators available in the current set. They are Singed (T1), Ezreal (T1), Zilean (T2), Ekko (T3), Seraphine (T4) and Jayce (T5). Furthermore, it’s not possible to craft an Innovator emblem. This means that players will need to get lucky by finding an Innovator Hexcore Augment to complete this mission.

With the Innovator Heart, your team will count as having one extra Innovator on the field. If you can find the Innovator Soul, an augment that gives your team two extra Innovator activations, this mission will be even easier. We recommend completing this mission in Hyper Roll. The games are faster and players get to unlocking Hexcore Augments sooner.

Challenge: Master Tactician | Use Tactician’s Crown to field an extra unit

Tactician’s Crown is an item in TFT that allows players to expand their unit capacity by one point. This lets you play an extra unit on the field. The way to acquire a Tactician’s Crown is to combine a Spatula with another Spatula. Once that’s done, simply equip the item to any of your on-field champions and your unit capacity limit will increase. Fill that new spot with any champion and you’ll complete this mission.

Crime and Punishment | Have Ahri fire 5 orbs in a single cast

This mission requires you to field an Ahri that gets off several casts in a single turn. Ahri’s ability, Orb of Deception, throws a projectile in a line that damages opponents. Each time Ahri fires her ability, one additional orb is cast. To complete this mission, you will need your Ahri to survive long enough and for the battle to last long enough for her to fire off her ability at least five times.

To help accomplish this goal, you will most definitely want to build a Blue Buff on Ahri. Blue Buff is created by combining two Tears of the Goddess together. The item gives your champion 50 mana to start, which is perfect for Ahri because her Orb of Deception costs exactly 50 mana. This means she will fire one right at the start of the battle. Furthermore, Blue Buff also restores 20 mana after every ability cast. This means your Ahri will really only need to build up 30 mana each time.

Any additional mana buffs you can find via Hexcore Augments or other traits will help. For example, the Scholar trait grants your entire team mana regeneration. Additionally, a Tier 2 Socialite buff spawns a spotlight that also grants additional mana regen. Getting any of these buffs will greatly assist you in completing this Neon Nights mission.

A final tip for this mission, albeit one that would take a lot of luck to run into: If you can manage to three-star your Ahri, her ability will add two orbs after every cast instead of one. This would result in only needing three total Orb of Deception casts to complete this mission.

Crime and Punishment | Field Enforcer 2+ alongside a champion with Zephyr

The available Enforcers in TFT Set 6.5 Neon Nights are Caitlyn (T1), Sejuani (T2), Vi (T4) and Jayce (T5). All you need to do for this mission is to place two of them on your board while having a Zephyr actively equipped to any of your other champions. Simply play through a battle with those conditions met and you will complete this Neon Nights battle pass mission.

To build a Zephyr, you will need to combine a Giant’s Belt with a Negatron Cloak.

Defenders of Tomorrow | Use Bodyguards or Zz.Rot Portal to taunt 50 enemies in player-vs-player combat

This Neon Nights mission is fairly easy to complete. The Bodyguard origin in TFT Set 6.5, when active, gives champions with the trait a shield at the start of combat. The champion also taunts the enemy opposing them. Simply playing a comp that uses the Bodyguard trait will complete this mission in no time.

As the quest says, you can accelerate the completion time of this task by building a Zz.Rot Portal. The item is formed by combining a Giant’s Belt with a Recurve Bow. Since the Zz.Rot Portal taunts enemies within four hexes, it will work a lot faster for mission progress than individual Bodyguard champions.

Defenders of Tomorrow | Field a champion with Bramble Vest and Dragon’s Claw

This is one of the more straightforward missions in Neon Nights, made easier by the fact that the items are good and synergize well. Bramble Vest, Dragon’s Claw and Warmog’s Armor is a fairly meta build for your main frontline tank, so the fact that this mission requires two of those items means it should be no trouble to complete.

Bramble Vest is created by combining two Chain Vests, while Dragon’s Claw is created by combining two Negatron Cloaks. Simply equip both items to a single champion and you’ll have this mission complete.

Excessive Ordnance | Field a champion with Infinity Edge and Jeweled Gauntlet

Very similar to the previous mission, Infinity Edge and Jeweled Gauntlet are a fairly meta combination for many solid team comps. Champions like Brand, Ahri and Corki make use of these items well. If you’re building comps that involve any of those champions, these items will not only complete your mission but also help towards winning your game.

Infinity Edge is built by combining Sparring Gloves with a B.F. Sword. The Jeweled Gauntlet combines Sparring Gloves with a Needlessly Large Rod. Simply look for these components early and build the items.

We recommend working on this mission at the same time as the mission to spawn Veigar the Yordle Lord. Equip these items on Corki, who is a very strong damage dealer in this set and becomes available early in the game. This will help you survive long enough to max out all your Yordles and spawn Veigar.

Excessive Ordnance | Field a champion with 300+ AD

There are several ways you can complete this mission but one thing to keep in mind is that your champion has to have at least 300 AD at the start of the fight. Steroids that boost your champ over the 300 AD threshold during the fight will not count.

While there are many pathways you can take to completing this, one straightforward option we’ve found is fielding a 2-star Irelia with a Deathblade equipped and the 4-Striker trait active. Irelia comes with 90 base AD, which jumps to 162 at two stars. The 4-Striker trait will give her an additional 65 AD. Finally, the Deathblade item will give her 75 more AD, which will get her to 302 total base Attack Damage.

To build a Deathblade, you will need to combine two B.F. Swords together. As for the trait bonus, there are five champions available with the Striker trait: Jarvan IV (T1), Rek’Sai (T2), Gnar (T3), Sivir (T4) and Irelia herself (T4). Fielding any of the three other champions with Irelia will suffice to activate the 4-Striker trait.

It goes without saying that if you can improve any of the above three conditions, this mission will be easier to complete. That means a 3-star Irelia, a 6-Striker trait active or additional items using B.F. Sword as a component will help get to 300 AD faster.

You can also accomplish this mission with other Striker champions. For example, Jarvan IV, Rek’Sai and Gnar will all have a higher base AD at three stars than Irelia would at two stars. Rek’Sai or Gnar at three stars (both 227 base AD) would only need to equip a Deathblade to get to 300; you wouldn’t even need the Striker trait active.

Experimental Trials | Build Edge of Night four times

Another fairly straightforward mission. Edge of Night is built by combining a B.F. Sword with a Chain Vest. Simply do this four different times and you will complete this mission.

High Society in Low Places | Field a 2-star Renata Glasc with the Chemtech and Scholar traits active

Renata Glasc is the newest champion to enter the League of Legends universe. Along with a debut on Summoner’s Rift, Renata has also been added to TFT in the Neon Nights expansion. To complete this mission, you simply need to find three copies of Renata Glasc and field the 2-star version of the champion on your board with both of her traits active.

Renata’s traits are Chemtech and Scholar. The base level to activate the Chemtech trait is at three champions. Scholars activate at two. Simply place a 2-star Renata Glasc on your board with two other Chemtechs and one other Scholar and you will complete this task.

This mission has some added fun in that Renata Glasc is exceptionally strong in TFT and is at the center of some of the strongest compositions in the current casual TFT meta. For example, you could get this mission done on the way to building the below Chemtech Bruisers comp, which currently holds an S-rating, according to TFTactics.

Renata Glasc is exceptionally strong in TFT Set 6.5 Neon Nights and Chemtech Bruisers is one of her best meta comps.
Renata Glasc is exceptionally strong in TFT Set 6.5 Neon Nights and Chemtech Bruisers is one of her best meta comps. | Provided by TFTactics.gg

High Society in Low Places | Field a three-star VIP with Debonair active

One of the new features of the Neon Nights TFT set is the “VIP Bonus” that Debonair units have a chance of carrying. These units are impossible to miss as they stand out from the rest of your units in your champion choice tray. Simply grab a Debonair champion with the VIP Bonus attached and level them up to three stars.

The available Debonair units in Set 6.5 are Brand (T1), Syndra (T2), Talon (T2), Leona (T3), Draven (T4) and Zeri (T5). Obviously, the lower cost champions are more common and may be the easier options to three-star.

Make sure that you have at least two other Debonairs on the field once you’ve three-starred your VIP unit. The trait must be active for you to complete this mission.

Live Fast | Have Zeri dash 100 times

Zeri is a new 5-cost unit in TFT Set 6.5. The hyperactive new League of Legends champion brings her mobility to Teamfight Tactics. Zeri’s ability “Lightning Crash” charges her up with a buff for six seconds, during which she dashes after every auto-attack.

Simply field Zeri until you complete this mission. While it will likely require multiple games to get this done, you can expedite the process by equipping items like Blue Buff on Zeri (created by combining two Tear of the Goddess components).

Furthermore, if you can find a Zeri with the VIP Bonus, she will maintain her electrifying buff for the whole round, which should speed this mission up considerably.

Live Fast | Hit Level 8 by 4-5 in Standard or Get 1st in a Hyper Roll game

To complete this mission in standard TFT, you will need to use the Fast 8 economy strategy. If you don’t have a strong grasp of the Fast 8 strategy, we recommend leaving this mission until the end. Since you will likely be playing lots of Hyper Roll games to complete the other missions on this list, you are very likely to simply win a Hyper Roll match and complete this mission automatically.

If you want to press for this mission specifically, check out the team comp tier list on TFTactics. Simply pick one of the strongest comps available and run it in Hyper Roll until you win.

The Monster You Created | Field a 2-star Jinx

There isn’t much to this mission. You simply need three copies of Jinx, who is a 5-cost unit. Once again, Hyper Roll is your friend here, since a decent comp will get you late into the game. At Levels 8 and 9, it will be easier to find copies of Jinx.

The Monster You Created | Field a 2-star Vi or a 2-star Silco

See the previous mission for Jinx. If you’re going for Silco here, you might find it more practical to complete this mission at the same time as the “What has science wrought?” mission at the end of this post.

This Town Ain’t Big Enough | Field 10 or more units

The only way to complete this mission is to simply get to Level 9 while also having a Tactitian’s Crown (formed by combining two Spatulas with each other) or by unlocking the “New Recruit” Hexcore Augment, which expands your party size by one unit. If you can get both the Crown and the augment, you can complete this mission at Level 8.

I recommend working on this in Hyper Roll simply because there are no economy issues in that mode. You level up automatically and don’t have to spend coins on EXP. This usually means that any players making it into the top four will usually be Level 9 by the end of the game.

This Town Ain’t Big Enough | Field a 3-star Colossus champion

The easiest way to complete this Neon Nights mission is to roll for a Cho’Gath. If you’re playing Hyper Roll, it should be fairly easy. Cho’Gath is a blue rarity (T3) champion, which means he only costs 3 coins and becomes available fairly early in the game. The other Colossus trait champions are Alistar (4-cost) and Galio (5-cost). Both champions will obviously be harder to acquire on account of their higher rarity.

Undercity “Celebration” | Stun 150 enemies in player-vs-player combat

There is really no reason to focus on this mission specifically. There are many ways in which players can stun opposing champions in TFT Set 6.5 so this Neon Nights task will complete on its own as you work on other missions.

Undercity “Celebration” | Use Shroud of Stillness to increase an enemy’s mana cost by 50 or more

This is another challenge that you’ll likely complete as you’re working on other missions. The description for Shroud of Stillness reads as follows:

“When combat begins, the holder shoots a beam straight ahead that delays affected enemies’ first cast, increasing their max Mana by 35% until they cast.”

In other words, you simply need to build this item and equip it on one of your champions and you should eventually complete this mission. To build Shroud of Stillness, you’ll need a Chain Vest and Sparring Gloves. You could also pick the completed item up in between rounds or off of a boss monster.

VIP Lounge | Spend 1,000 gold

This is simply a farming mission. To complete this challenge, you just have to play the game. As you reroll and upgrade units, your spent gold will tally up. When you cross 1,000 spent gold, this mission will be complete. It should only take a handful of matches to get to across the 1,000 spent gold threshold.

VIP Lounge | Grant a unit the Socialite 5 Spotlight bonus

This is a somewhat tricky mission because, like the Innovators mission, it is entirely reliant on finding a specific Hexcore Augment.

To begin with, there are only four Socialite champions available in TFT Set 6.5. These are Gnar (T3), Senna (T3), Seraphine (T4) and Galio (T5). Furthermore, there’s no such thing as a “Socialite Emblem.”

This means that this mission is contingent on finding a Socialite Heart or a Socialite Soul Hexcore Augment.

If you find a Socialite Heart, your team will count as having one additional Socialite on it. This means you will need to place all four available Socialite champions on your board along with this augment. The Socialite Soul makes things easier. This higher tier Augment allows you two additional trait credits, which means you only need to field three matching champions to get the Socialite 5 bonus.

Once your T5 Socialite trait is active, place any champion in the shining spotlight on your board and play one round to complete this mission.

We Built This City | Win a round fielding both Jayce and Viktor

To complete this mission, you’ll need both Jayce and Viktor 5-cost units. These don’t become available until higher levels and will require some luck to roll for. As always, any time a mission requires 5-cost units or high-level rolls, I recommend working on it in the Hyper Roll game mode. Since players don’t have to worry about economy there, you will naturally level up and start finding 5-cost units.

At Level 9, there is a 16% chance of seeing a gold 5-cost unit on every roll. At that point, it’s simply a matter of luck.

Once you have both Jayce and Viktor, remember that you must field them both for at least a round. Having them on the bench won’t work.

We Built This City | Field a Hextech champion with Hextech Gunblade and the Hextech trait active

For this mission, you’ll need at least two Hextech champions and the Hextech Gunblade item. To craft the Gunblade, you’ll need to combine an Infinity Edge with a Needlessly Large Rod. Once you have the item, equip it on an existing Hextech Champion.

Field that champion alongside another Hextech champion to activate the lowest tier of the trait and this mission will be completed.

The Hextech Champions available in this set are Jarvan IV (T1), Nocturne (T1), Sejuani (T2), Swain (T2), Lucian (T3), Alistar (T4) and Sivir (T4).

What Has Science Wrought? | Use Silco to empower or grant mana to 50 allies

That’s right. The badass villain and adopted father of Jinx from Riot Games’ epic animated series “Arcane” is officially in the League of Legends gaming universe.

Silco is a 5-cost unit that was introduced in TFT Set 6.5 Neon Nights. In Teamfight Tactics, Silco has the “Mastermind” Origin, a trait that is active the moment he is placed on the board. Mastermind grants the two allied champions directly in front of Silco 40 mana to begin each fight. Simply place Silco on the backline and place two other champions in the glowing hexes in front of him.

Along with his origin buff, Silco also buffs allies with his active ability, Unstable Concoction. The one-star and two-star versions of Silco buff a single ally’s attack speed. If by some miracle you can three-star him, Silco will buff five allied champions.

This Neon Nights mission is easily completed by simply playing Silco until he buffs enough allies with his ability and his augments to get to 50. You will likely need to field him in multiple games to get this done.

What Has Science Wrought? | Field a champion with a Mutant emblem and the Mutant trait active

To craft a Mutant Emblem, you will either need to acquire it through Hexcore Augments or build it yourself. To build this emblem, you will need a Spatula and a Negatron Cloak. Once you have the item, equip it on any champion and make sure you have the Mutant trait active.

The lowest threshold to have this trait active is to field at least three Mutant champions. This means you will need your non-Mutant champion with the emblem equipped as well as two other Mutants on the field at once.

The other Mutant champions in TFT Set 6.5 are Kassadin (T1), Rek’Sai (T2), Malzahar (T3), Cho’Gath (T3), Kha’Zix (T4) and Kai’Sa (T5).

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