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The second-ever in-game Teamfight Tactics event is live now and features some cool rewards and fun missions. The Lunar Legend Festival will run from Jan. 20 through the end of Patch 12.3, which will be through Feb. 15.

To start the event, players will want to go to the Lunar Legend Festival event page on the League of Legends client. From there, click through all the stories to enable the missions. After completing each mission, head back to the Lunar Legends Festival tab to claim the rewards.


For completing each individual mission, players will earn Star Shards, and for completing all of the missions players will receive these rewards in total:

  • 1 Festival Firecracker (Has a chance to contain Chibi Firecracker Jinx)
  • 1 Year of the Tiger Egg (Has a chance to contain Year of the Tiger Protector)
  • A Festival of Beasts 2021 Egg
  • 180 Star Shards
  • Like My Stripes? Emote

Phase 1 and 2

Invitation: Play a match of Teamfight Tactics


A Briny Bargain: Feed Tahm Kench a 2-star+ unit

This one is easy. Just acquire a Tahm Kench and then take another two-star champion and feed the champion to Tahm Kench.

Trash to Treasure: Upgrade 30 components using the Scrap trait

To complete this mission players will want to play the Scrap composition. Here is a guide for that comp. By simply playing this composition players will be able to complete this naturally in either one or two games.

A Prestigious Prize: Shopping Spree: Reroll the shop 30 times

Players can complete this mission easily in the Hyper Roll game mode. Just hit the D key 30 times total to complete the mission.

The Biggest of Booms: Get Jinx to cast her spell

Players can knock out two missions in one by playing the Scrap comp here.

 Signature of the Star: Put a 3-star champion in Socialite Spotlight

To complete this mission, players will want to play one of the reroll compositions. The easiest way to do this is in the Hyper Roll game mode. After a player acquires a three-star champion, pick up one of the Socialite champions. These champions are Taric, Seraphine or Galio. Once they are on the board, place the three-star champion in the Socialite Hex on the board.

The Best Bauble: Collect 40 loot orbs

This mission will require a couple of games. To complete the mission simply play a few games and pick up the orbs that drop during the PvE rounds. Players will be able to complete the mission as they do the other missions.

Earn Recognition

This is one of the hardest missions in the event. In order to “gain recognition,” players will need to place in the top 3 of a game six-eight times. Hyper Roll is the easiest mode to do this in, as games are very quick.

Phase 3

Combine two of the same component into a finished item twice in one game

This one is straightforward. Simply get any two of the same item components and combine them. For example, two Chain Vests will make a Bramble’s Vest. Just do this twice in one game and the mission will be complete.

Receive a celestial blessing from an Augment

There is an augment that is called Celestial Blessing. To complete the mission, players will want to pick Celestial Blessing from the augment choices if it shows up throughout the game. This mission might require multiple games.

Field both Transformer modes in a single game

This mission refers to Jayce. Jayce is a unique champion in TFT as he has two forms thanks to his unique trait, Transformer. To complete this mission players will want to place Jayce in the front row for one round and then the back row in the next.

Play 5 or 7 Mercenary

This one is very simple. Players will want to find five Mercenary champions and put them on the board. These champions are Miss Fortune, Gangplank, Illaoi, Quinn and Tahm Kench. Tahm Kench is the only one that should be hard to find since he is a five-cost. Players can complete the mission more easily if they get a Mercenary heart or emblem from augments.

Activate a number of Prismatic Augments and Prismatic Traits

This mission may not be possible to complete in a single game. To complete the mission players need to hit two Prismatic Augments or Traits. Prismatic Augments show up in games at random, but players do have control over the traits. To complete the mission players will need to max out specific traits. In TFT, traits come in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Prismatic intervals. But only a couple of traits have Prismatic intervals. Those traits are Imperial, Enchanter, Academy, Chemtech, Arcanist, Mercenary, Bodyguard, Bruiser, Innovator, Scholar and Twinshot. Unfortunately, all of these require Emblems or Hearts.

The good news is that there are a couple of easy ones. Imperial is the easiest since it only requires four champions and an Imperial Emblem. Put in Sion, Talon, Samira and Swain. After that players will want to use a B.F Sword and a Golden Spatula to combine into an Imperial Emblem. Once that is done simply place the Emblem on any champion and you should have the Prismatic Imperial trait active. Do this for two games and the mission should be complete.

Have two two-star Colossus Champions on the field

This one is another straightforward mission. There are three different Colossus Champions in TFT. Those are Cho’Gath, Galio and Sion. To complete the mission, players just need to put two of these on the board at two-star at the same time. Cho’Gath and Sion are the two easiest ones to put on the board since they are the cheapest ones to get to two-star. Players will want to get to level seven or eight and spend their gold rolling for these champions.

Use Shroud of Stillness

This one is very straightforward. Players just simply need to use the Shroud of Stillness. Players can make Shroud of Stillness by combining a Chain Vest with a Brawler’s Glove.

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