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Teamfight Tactics has three distinct game modes that all play differently than each other. As a result, each game mode has a specific metagame. TFT Hyper Roll is no different. With a heavy emphasis on rerolling champions and fast gameplay, the top compositions in the TFT Hyper Roll may be different than you think. Based on API data websites like MetaTFT.com, here are the top five TFT Hyper Roll comps for Patch 12.1 and explanations why.

Enchanter Yordle Reroll

TFT Hyper Roll yordle
Tristana and Jhin team up in the best comp in TFT Hyper Roll. | Provided by lolchess.gg team builder

The best performing comp in TFT Hyper Roll is one that players love. A variation of Yordles is the current best comp to play in the meta. That is because, in a mode where the focus is on rerolling champions, the trait that gives players extra champions will help you spike faster. This variant also takes advantage of some of the other strongest champions in the game. For example, Tristana is a sniper and so is Jhin, who is currently the best four-cost champion in the game. Lulu is an Enchanter and so is Orianna, who also pairs nicely with Jhin for clockwork. This comp has a lot going for it with many carry threats making it the best in TFT Hyper Roll Patch 12.1.

Syndicate Reroll

Move over Shaco, Twisted Fate and Darius are the main carries in this Syndicate comp. | Provided by lolchess.gg team builder

In the standard and Double Up modes, Syndicate is an S-tier composition primarily due to Shaco. But in Hyper Roll it’s S-tier for an entirely different reason. The Syndicate trait is very strong in this game mode because three-star champions come loaded with heavy stats in both the defense and offense department. In this composition, the carry isn’t Shaco, although players can easily still make him the main carry. Instead, players focus on rerolling for Darius and Twisted Fate. Darius is one of the best tank champions in the game and Twisted Fate, although he is only a one-cost champion does an incredible amount of damage at three-star.

Academy Reroll

A three-star Protector frontline with heavy Academy carry backline. | Provided by lolchess.gg team builder

Protector Reroll is nothing new even in the standard mode where it has been a meta comp for weeks now. But in Hyper Roll the comp plays a little different. The protector part is the same, as players focus on Graves, Kassasdin, Garen and Blitzcrank. But instead of using Kog’Maw as the main carry, players go deep into the Academy trait and use a plethora of carry options. Katarina, Lux, and Yone are all super strong main carry threats and with the crazy strong frontline, they have ample time to pop off in drawn-out fights.

Arcanist Reroll

Different comp with Lux still as a main carry. However, players can carry with any of the Arcanists. | Provided by lolchess.gg team builder

Another comp that can abuse the Yordle trait generation is Arcanist Reroll. Arcanists are the premier AP composition in TFT set 6 but in this mode, the focus is on the lower cost champions. Players are often rolling for Twisted Fate and Ziggs three-stars and can either level up Vex or Swain as a super tank or go for a more traditional carry like Lux or Malzahar. The reason why the composition is so strong is that any champion in the comp can be the main carry if needed. When players are rolling, there is less pressure to hit a specific three-star, making this one of the safest comps to play.

Chemtech Reroll

Yes, there are eight Chemtech when you only need seven to activate the trait. They’re that good. | Provided by lolchess.gg team builder

Finally there is Chemtech Reroll. Everyone knows how good the higher-cost Chemtech champions are but the low-cost ones are surprisingly powerful as well. This is especially true when looking at Twitch and Warwick. Twitch is the only ranged Assassin in the game, which means that if positioned correctly, he can jump the backline, kill the enemy carry and then have free range at destroying the rest of the enemy team while being untargeted. Not only that but Warwick is near unkillable when he gets online with optimal items. This one-two punch is a terror in the current TFT Hyper Roll meta.

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