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One of the strongest trait bonuses in season three of Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is the Mech Pilot bonus. Having three Mech Pilots will transform the three units into a powerful Super Mech. You can combo the Super Mech with either Star Guardian or Dark Star units. Here’s how to build a Mech Pilot team.

The Champions

There are three Mech Pilot units in TFT that you need to make the Super Mech. Outside of these three champions, there are two common strategies for this team composition. You can use Sorcerer and Star Guardian units, or Dark Star and Infiltrator units. Here are the different Champions you can choose.

Essential Champions

  • Annie – Mech Pilot/Sorcerer
  • Rumble – Mech Pilot/Demolitionist
  • Fizz – Mech Pilot/Infiltrator

Star Guardian Build

  • Zoe – Star Guardian/Sorcerer
  • Ahri – Star Guardian/Sorcerer
  • Syndra – Star Guardian/Sorcerer
  • Ziggs – Rebel/Demolitionist
  • Gangplank – Space Pirate/Mercenary/Demolitionist

Dark Star Build

  • Kai’Sa – Valkyrie/Infiltrator
  • Shaco – Dark Star/Infiltrator
  • Karma – Dark Star/Mystic
  • Lux – Dark Star/Sorcerer
  • Lulu – Celestial/Mystic

TFT Syndra


In the TFT early game, you want to draft as many of the Champions listed above as you can. Prioritize Annie and Rumble because you want to get them to three-stars if possible. You can decide to go with Star Guardian or Dark Star units based on which units you’re getting early.

In the mid-game, you need to fish hard for Fizz to complete your Mech Pilot synergy. Fizz is mandatory to the comp and if you are unable to get him, you will likely lose the game. If you are going Star Guardian, try to get as many Syndra units as possible. If you are going Dark Star, try to get Shaco or Kai’Sa units.

Once late game rolls around, you want to invest as much gold as you can to get to level seven. Once you’re at level seven, you can field all the units necessary for the key synergies. Only go for level eight and Gangplank/Lulu if you have extra gold.


All items for the Super Mech should be given to Rumble. Guardian Angel, Quicksilver, Trap Claw, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and Ionic Spark are all solid options. Spare items can be given to Syndra for the Star Guardian team and Shaco or Kai’Sa for the Dark Star team.

Position Rumble front in center, Annie on the left side in front, and Fizz on the right side in front. Put the Star Guardians or Infiltrators in the back row. Remember to be adaptable when it comes to positioning in TFT, as different opponents will call for different formations. Just be sure to keep the Super Mech front and center to draw focus.

Both of these Mech Pilot compositions are fun and powerful. Be careful when deciding to make these though, and be sure to leave yourself with other options in case you aren’t able to find one of the Mech Pilot units.