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Brawler and Blaster units have some of the best synergies in season three of Teamfight Tactics (TFT). You can combo them with other Chrono and Rebel units to get those trait bonuses as well, making this one of the best team compositions in the current meta. Here’s how to make the team.

The champions

This TFT team composition is pretty rigid, so be sure to look for the following champions early and draft as many of them as possible if you plan on making this team.

  • Malphite – Rebel/Brawler
  • Blitzcrank – Chrono/Brawler
  • Lucian – Cybernetic/Blaster
  • Ezreal – Chrono/Blaster
  • Vi – Cybernetic/Brawler
  • Cho’Gath – Void/Brawler
  • Jinx – Rebel/Blaster
  • Miss Fortune – Valkyrie/Blaster/Mercenary

If you build the team with these champions, you will have four Blasters, four Brawlers, two Chrono, and two Rebels. To get the third Rebel, you will need to combine a Spatula with a Chain Vest to create a Rebel Medal.


The strategy

The strategy for building and positioning this team is fairly simple. You want to get as many Malphite, Lucian, and Blitzcrank units as you can early on. Malphite and Blitzcrank are strong together early, and if you can get any of them to two stars you should be able to put together early win streaks.

This composition is extremely powerful in the TFT mid-game if you are able to get Ezreal, Cho’Gath, or Jinx early. Try to get as many of these units as possible. When you have the units, prioritize getting to level seven.

The late-game can be difficult for this team if you aren’t able to get Miss Fortune, Cho’Gath, and/or Jinx. If you are able to get these units together along with the Rebel Medal, you should be able to win most games. You may struggle against Mystic Protector teams, however, due to their high sustain.

To position the team properly, make sure Cho’Gath, Vi, and Malphite are spaced out in the front row. Put Blitzcrank in a corner with Miss Fortune, Ezreal, and/or Lucian to hook and burst down a target. If you were able to get the Rebel Medal, put Rebel units together for the bonus shield.


For this composition to be successful, you need to give damage items to Jinx, Miss Fortune, and Lucian/Ezreal. These units will provide most of your damage. If you do end up getting tank items, you can give them to Vi so she can use her ability more.

This composition is strong and you can build it most of the time. Get ready to switch things up, however, if you aren’t able to find Cho’Gath or Jinx because these units are essential to the team’s success. TFT is all about being able to adapt, so be prepared!