TFT Guide: How to track enemy gold and power in Teamfight Tactics
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TFT Guide: How to track enemy gold and power in Teamfight Tactics

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Tracking your enemies’ gold stores in Teamfight Tactics is not exact. There are no tooltips that show you how much money another player has. That said, there are ways to maintain a general sense of how much gold they’re hiding – and, therefore, how much gold they could spend to get back in the game. This guide will help you get a close estimate of your enemies’ gold and teach you what you can learn from that information.

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Enemy gold interest generators

The first thing to understand is how interest works for everyone. Once you have 10 gold accumulated, an interest generator pops up on the side of your board. You can use these to track your enemies’ gold as well. Interest generators show up for everyone, not just you. While you are battling in PvP rounds, take a glance at their side of the board. Do they have any interest generators active? For every interest generator you see, you can assume that there is at least 10 gold in that enemy’s bank. If they have 3 generators, they have at least 30 gold in the bank.

Of course, this isn’t going to tell you exactly how much gold the enemy has. If you win a PvP round, you earn 1 gold that is added to your bank before interest is calculated. An enemy might have 19 gold in the bank and only show one generator. However, if they win that round, they will be at 20 gold. The interest generator will pop up if the “victory gold” pushes you into the next interest bracket. If your enemy wins a round against you, take one last look at their generators before they jump back in the portal.

Section 7: Your interest generators; enemy generators found in Section 11. Credit: Riot Games

Regulation gold and streaks

Teamfight Tactics gives you a set amount of gold between every round. After the initial set of minion rounds, you get 5 gold between rounds. This amount is then increased based on interest and a current streak. After a round is over, you know that your enemy has at least a certain amount of gold based on the number of generators they have. Now, they will have 5 more gold plus 1 per generator for the next round.

Tracking gold based on streaks is very difficult, as it is hard to tell if someone is on a losing streak or a win streak. There are no indicators for enemies streaks, although you should be able to see your own streaks after patch 9.14. The only certain indicator is if a player still has 100 hit points. If they haven’t lost any hit points, then they must have won every single round since the game started.

Tooltip showing streaks (expected in patch 9.14). Credit: Riot Games

Understanding enemy power based on gold

In Teamfight Tactics, gold more or less equals power. Gold allows you to spend more on champions, experience points, and rerolls to find duplicate champions. If someone has more gold than you, they have the potential to come back stronger the next round by spending that gold. The biggest red flag is losing to an enemy with more gold than you at the end of the round. If you lose a round and the enemy has 5 generators up while you only have 20 gold in the bank, it could spell trouble. If you are winning and have less gold than your opponents, the power is just on your board and in their bank.

Just because you beat a player the last 2 rounds you faced them, that does not mean you should feel comfortable. If the enemy is stockpiling gold while you are spending yours, they have a lot of potential to put a lot of money on the board at once. To understand who powerful enemies are, check who is winning while still saving a lot of gold and who is barely losing while retaining a lot of gold.