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The Teamfight Tactics Gizmos and Gadgets competitive season is rapidly approaching its climax with many regions kicking off their regional championships. In addition to details on their competitive format, an announcement concerning the TFT Rising Legends Finals tournament revealed that some players who fail to qualify for the Gizmos and Gadgets Championship will get a second chance through a Last Chance Qualifier.

Following the initial reveal in the Europe, Middle East and Africa TFT Rising Legends Finals post, Riot Games made a direct announcement on Wednesday confirming the LCQ for North America, Latin America and Brazil in addition to EMEA. Players from each region will compete in a one-day tournament awarding the final two spots at the TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Championship.

Each region will send two players to compete in this small eight-player invitational. The eastern regions, including China, Korea, Japan and Oceania, are noticeably absent. But while they don’t have a last chance qualifier, they will receive additional spots at the Gizmos and Gadgets Championship from their Asian Cup tournament.

In the case of the TFT Rising Legends Finals, the players who finish in the top five will automatically qualify for the championship. The players who finish in sixth and seventh will be sent to the LCQ. For North America, they will send their fifth and sixth place players. Brazil will send their fourth and fifth place players. Finally, Latin America will also send their fourth and fifth place players, rounding out the field of eight.

Last season at the TFT Reckoning Championship, there was simply a “play-in” stage, which functionally acted like an LCQ. Each region sent their lowest qualified player to fight for a spot in the main event. This season there is no play-in stage.

Fans and spectators can see the first players who will be playing in the LCQ starting this weekend when the TFT Rising Legends Finals and the TFT NA Regional Finals kick-off.

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