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There haven’t been too many tournaments during the Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning season. However, one of the biggest events of the season is reaching its climax. After three weeks of play, the final for the $10,000 Giant Slayer Series 3 event is about to begin. The 16 teams of two have spent the past month playing in a unique format to determine the best four teams in North America. Here are the four teams playing in the final on Monday, Aug. 30, where to watch them and how they all got there.

The Format

The Giant Slayer Series 3 event is an invitational tournament featuring 16 NA regional finalists. However, due to some players not being able to commit their time, some teams consist of alternative players instead. Each finalist got to choose one player to be their teammate. Since TFT doesn’t have a dedicated team mode, this format was designed to reward communication and teamplay in a different way. Each team was assigned one of four different lobbies each week, where four games are played. Points were rewarded based on the combined placements of each team. The top four teams after three weeks of play then moved onto the final.

The favorites

The first-place team, Ramblin Robin, consisted of Team Liquid’s Robin “Robingsongz” Sung who has excelled in tournament play. His partner is “Ramblinn,” who came very close to qualifying himself for the NA regional final. As one of the better teams heading into the event in terms of raw skill, Ramblin Robin have met expectations so far.

Team “Sold Cat for Econ” secured second place. They consisted of “Rayditz,” who just a couple of weeks ago also came extremely close to qualifying for the NA regional final, and his partner, “Broccoli,” who has been a challenger-ranked player all season.

The underdogs

In third place sits a relatively unknown team, We are Going 8th. This team obviously didn’t finish eighth, but instead qualified for the final through excellent play from challenger mainstay “Bertasuaurs,” who ended up becoming a NA regional finalist through the Set 5 ladder snapshot, where he finished fourth. His partner on the other hand is nowhere near challenger level. The rules for partner choices simply state they have to be a NA resident, so “hjw61101” fits the bill, but barely.

According to lolchess.gg, hjw61101 finished Set 5 in Diamond. In Set 5.5 he has consistently been in Master, and at the publishing of this article, he is just inside the top 1000. Nevertheless, the player has performed exceptionally well in the Giant Slayer Series 3. In the last week of the group stage, hjw61101 managed to claim three top fours in their four games played. As the difference between third and fifth is only three total points, hjw61101 has earned their spot in the finals.

Giant Slayer Series 3
Provided by GiantSlayerTV

In fourth place lies “8875,” headlined by top TFT Twitch streamer, Cloud9’s Michael “k3Soju” Zhang. A player known for his strong opinions, Soju made it clear at the beginning of the month that his partner “Prestivent,” and himself, would be in the final. They accomplished that goal as they squeezed into the last available spot. Soju didn’t only promise a final spot, he said his team was going to win the event. All eyes are on team 8875 as they come into the final as the surprising underdog.

Where to watch

The Giant Slayer Series 3 final will broadcast live on Twitch, via the GiantSlayerTFT channel. The final kicks off on Monday, Aug. 30, at 7 p.m. ET.

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