TFT Dragonlands: The best TFT set 7 items
TFT Set 7 Dragonlands best items

TFT Dragonlands: The best TFT set 7 items

CC immunity, healing and mana regeneration are in demand

Teamfight Tactics set 7, Dragonlands has so many new champions and traits that have turned the way the game is played on its head. But to truly take advantage of these new options, players should know how to pair them with something relatively unchanged about the game: items. With that in mind, here is a look at the top five items in TFT set 7.

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TFT Dragonlands features an earth-shaking amount of crowd control. There’s so much that if players want to use a hyper-carry champion that can’t attack freely from the corner hexes, they are almost guaranteed to die before they doing their job. And even then, the champions in the back aren’t free from the CC wrath, either.

Champions like Bard, Hecarim, Neeko, Ornn and Heimerdinger (just to name a few) are menaces in TFT set 7, which is why Quicksilver has become the best item in the entire game due to how it makes the holder immune to CC for the first 15 seconds of combat.

This is especially crucial since some of the new Dragon units are melee champions that will get CC chained without the item. Also, the item provides attack speed on top of CC immunity, making it a must-have for many carry champions.

Spear of Shojin/Blue Buff

Speaking of carry champions, many champions have very high impact abilities in TFT set 7 — including many of the new powerful Dragon units. Some of these Dragon units, like Ao Shin, have mana costs of nearly 200. The payoff is fantastic, but getting there with just simple auto attacks takes forever.

That’s where Spear of Shojin shines. Spear of Shojin grants the holder a bonus 8 mana per attack, which comes out to nearly double the mana from auto-attacks. Those 200 mana abilities start to feel like a way more manageable 100 mana.

Meanwhile, for the low mana users that have powerful abilities like Ryze, Elise and Pyke, Blue Buff is insane, as well. Overall, mana generation appears to be way more valuable in TFT set 7 than in some previous sets.

Bloodthirster/Hextech Gunblade

Finally, there are the two reworked items, Bloodthirster and Hextech Gunblade. These two items are the healing items that players are familiar with if they have played TFT in previous sets. However, unlike past sets where both items had their healing tied to physical and magic damage, both items now grant omnivamp in set 7.

Both items still have their niches, though. Bloodthirtser grants a shield to the holder after they drop down a specific maximum health threshold for the first time in the round while Hextech Gunblade still heals the user and the lowest health ally. Essentially, Bloodthirsters are better on carry champions that will be on the frontlines while Hextech Gunblade will be better on champions that can fire away from a safe distance.

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