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Teamfight Tactics’ biggest patch of the set got off to a somewhat shaky start, but it’s still been a blast to play on. Although the metagame has been diverse, Riot Games is taking the chance to fix some problems in week two of the four-week build, by implementing some major fixes in an upcoming B-patch. The B-patch is going live sometime on Tuesday. Here are the major changes to look for in TFT B-patch 11.24.

Akali is the biggest loser in TFT B-patch 11.24

The biggest surprise in the metagame so far on patch 11.24 has been the rise of Akali. Often uncounterable, Akali has been an absolute menace in the meta. She’s been so good that it is often worth pivoting entire strategies in favor of her. The five-cost Assassin is able to take down the biggest of threats while keeping her health bar full. She does all of that while dodging anything enemy champions throw her way, except for the balance team.

In the B-patch, Akali is getting her 11.24 health buff nerfed back to her base value of 800, which is where it was on the last patch. On top of that, spell damage at one star is also getting nerfed by 25 damage and her execute threshold is being nerfed to 15% at one-star and 20% at two-star. Both of those nerfs are down five percent from her current numbers.

This nerf shouldn’t kill off Akali completely. But, it will open up a second or two of precious counterplay time before she deletes your entire team.

Bug-fixes tone down Yone and Kassadin

Yone and Kassadin have been at the front and center of many team comps, and the metagame itself, since TFT set 6 came out. However, their domination in the metagame hasn’t been all natural, they have benefited from unintended bugs. In the B-patch, two of those bugs are being fixed.

The Kassadin bugfix will bring down his tank ability. In the current game, Kassadin’s damage reduction stacks on itself. This sometimes creates an un-killable one-cost champion, which obviously is very broken. That is being changed in the B-patch.

Yone’s bugfix is a little more extreme. Currently, there is a bug that grants Yone’s clone double trait benefits. This means that if a player had six challengers in and Yone would have 80% attack speed, his clone would actually have double that. A clone with 160% attack speed is one big reason why Yone has been viable up to this point. This nerf is extreme, so Riot is buffing his attack damage quite a bit from 75 to 90, while also giving him a small base attack speed buff to 0.85.

Cho’Gath chomped off a bit too much

Many players have latched onto Cho’Gath as a hidden monster carry. Thanks to our article on the matter though, he is hidden no more. Cho’Gath has been too broken in the current metagame. So, he sees a nerf in the B-Patch. Cho’Gath’s 11.24 buffs are being reverted, starting with his health going back to 1300 from 1400. But, on top of that, his spell cost is being nerfed from 150 max mana to 165. His attack damage is also being toned down to 90 from 100.

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