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Although top Teamfight Tactics players have figured out how to climb consistently during patch 11.11, reroll Sett and Teemo Hellion comps have made the meta itself unhealthy. To clean up this problem, Riot Games released a TFT B-patch at 4 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

Teamfight Tactics Game Design Director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer had been on vacation for the past few weeks, but players expressed joy that he is back to “save the game.” Here are the major changes players need to know before hopping back into the Convergence.

Sett pulls his punches

Sett has been a menace all patch due to the raw damage he does at three-star, as the Draconic Brawler can one shot entire backlines from the front. The Wednesday B-patch has toned him down a lot.

To start, Sett’s Haymaker spell can no longer hit units right outside the cone of damage, which essentially let him hit units four hexes away. With only three hexes of range, now, it should be easier to avoid those initial blows to the backline. The spell’s mana cost is also now 50 instead of 40. This makes it so Sett must auto attack an additional time between Haymakers, which should give other compositions a little extra time to deal with Sett before he kills everything.

Finally, Sett lost some of his armor shred, too. Not only can Sett’s Haymaker one shot entire teams, it also reduces their armor, just in case they live. The armor reduction at three-star is now smaller, shredding for 30 armor now instead of 40.

Hellions cast less

The second most oppressive comp on the current 11.11 patch has been Hellions. This comp has been oppressive due to how easy it is to pilot and then transition into Teemo. Once a player hits Teemo with the five Helion synergy bonus, the game is pretty much over. This is because Teemo’s damage output, combined with the bonus attack speed from the Hellions, make it very hard to stop the Shroom onslaught. But what makes the transition so easy is that players can simply throw in all the Helion units and coast until level eight thanks to Kennen and Lulu. So instead of targeting Teemo, Riot made it harder to get there by nerfing the two mid-game Hellions.

Kennen’s nerf comes in the form less health and mana cost. Kennen now has 600 health, which is down from 650. This will make having a Guardian’s Angel on him a must, to guarantee he gets his spell off before he dies. This is exacerbated by the mana nerf on his spell, which also means Kennen takes a little longer to cast. His spell now cost 125 mana, which is up from 100. But to offset the nerf a little, he will start with 50 mana instead of 40. This means his first cast is only a 15 mana reduction, but his casts after will be the full 25.

Lulu’s nerf is also on her spell. The first nerf to her spell is in the mana department. Lulu’s first cast will now start at 40 mana instead of 50 mana, which will require her to auto attack an additional time for her first cast.

The spell itself is also being nerfed when it comes to the crowd control department. After the B-patch, the polymorph duration on Lulu’s spell has been significantly reduced at all ranks. At one-star, polymorphed enemies will only be stunned for 1.5 seconds instead of 2.5. At two-star, the stun will only be two seconds instead of 2.5. And at three-star, the stun duration will only be 2.5 seconds instead of 3.5.

B-patch leftovers

There are two other changes in the B-patch. One targets Varus (who is performing well) and the other targets the Cavalier trait. These changes are pre-emptive nerfs to make sure that Varus and Brand/Cavalier reroll don’t take over the game.

Varus is getting an AD nerf from 65 to 60. He is also receiving an attack speed nerf from .80 to .75.

The Cavalier trait has also been adjusted. The Two Cavilier bonus is actually seeing buffs in damage reduction, with 20% instead of 15%. But this change is offset with the four Cavalier bonus damage Reduction getting nerfed from 40% to 35%.