TFT 12.5 B-patch notes: all the big changes
TFT patch 12.5 b patch Debonair Talon Syndra TFT Set 6.5 Neon Nights
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TFT 12.5 B-patch notes: all the big changes

Nearly every meta champion is getting nerfed in the damage department
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Teamfight Tactics 12.5 B-patch is set to last throughout the month of March. Now, one week into the patch, the development team has gathered data to make some final mid-patch adjustments. They’re doing this to keep the player base engaged and happy, with the hopes of leaving the patch in a balanced state for the remainder of the month.

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The TFT 12.5 B-patch is set to launch late on Tuesday. Here are the biggest changes players should be aware of before queuing up for games.

Augments and system changes

On the list of changes in the augment department, there are multiple nerfs with a couple of buffs sprinkled in. Two of the biggest augment nerfs are tailored at Snipers and Twinshot. The Sharpshooter augment is seeing a damage decrease down to 60%, which is up from 50%. This means the extra bounces will now do 60% less damage instead of 50%. Sniper’s Nest is also getting a damage nerf. That augment is getting a damage amplification nerf from 10% for each round a champion stays in its same hex 8%.

On the buff side, Built Different is getting a buff at all ranks to encourage more unique build paths, and Hexnova is getting a range buff to push players into the Hextech trait if they see that augment.


On the Champion side, there are a ton of nerfs. The goal with this patch, according to Lead Designer for TFT Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer, was to lower damage across the board in order for fights to last longer. With that said, almost every single meta-carry champion in the game is getting a damage nerf in one way or another. Whether that be Ahri’s spell damage from her orbs or Irelia getting another flat AD nerf, almost all AP champions are getting a spell damage nerf while the AD champions are getting a flat damage nerf.

When it comes to the biggest losers, Ashe is at the top of the list, getting a substantial 10 AD nerf. Twitch is also getting a big nerf as his Spell damage AD is now just 125% across all ranks.

As for buffs, Rek’Sai, Sivir, Galio and Kai’Sa are all receiving buffs. The buffs may make them meta threats with everything else getting nerfed.


Although Talon is one of the many champions getting a nerf, the biggest hit to Talon seems to actually be in the trait department. Debonair is getting two nerfs in the TFT 12.5 B-patch. The first is to the bonus health, which is now lower at both the five and seven intervals. The AD bonus is also lower at the same intervals.

Innovator is getting nerfed, once again, as the trait continues to be the best in the entire set. This time, the Mechanical Dragon and Bear are getting an Armor and MR reduction.

In the buff department, Striker is getting a slight increase in base AD at the four and six intervals.

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