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Patch 12.3 dropped Wednesday for Teamfight Tactics and it brought some massive changes, which means it’s time to switch up those go-to comps.

Figuring out what to play is in the numbers thanks to aggregate data sites like MetaTFT.com, so here are the top five performing compositions according to MetaTFT.com.


Innovator is still on top in TFT Patch 12.3. | Provided by the lolchess.gg team builder.

The standard five-Innovator, three-Enchanter composition that ruled the metagame in TFT Patch 12.2 is still on top this time around. Nothing about the way to play it has changed since Serpahine is still the main carry with flex options when it comes to the second carry. Players can use Heimerdinger or Orianna with their excess AP items or go for Jayce if they get some AD items.


Demacia won the war, apparently, but Imperial is definitely winning the current meta game battle. | Provided by the lolchess.gg team builder.

Imperial are on their way out in TFT Patch 12.4, as they are getting replaced in the mid-set expansion, TFT Neon Nights. However, they are not going out quietly. Imperials are still insanely good in TFT patch 12.3 and nothing has really changed since the B-Patch. Players will still want to use Samira as the primary carry with their second choice being Talon with AD items or perhaps Sion with tank items.


Akali and Shaco are leaving the company, but for now they are still in charge. | Provided by the lolchess.gg team builder

Syndicate isn’t going anywhere in the mid-set expansion, but it is getting some roster swaps. In fact, the Syndicate carries players are used to using are going away in TFT Neon Nights. However, just like with Imperials, Shaco and Akali are going out on top. This comp utilizes Shaco and Akali as the main carries just like it always has.


It’s the last day of school for Academy. | Provided by the lolchess.gg team builder

The retirement party doesn’t stop, as the other big vertical trait leaving in the mid-set expansion is also one of the best comps to play in TFT patch 12.3. Academy is doing really well based off the early numbers and there are multiple four-cost carries players can use. But for players who like Yone, Fiora and Lux, it’s probably time to play this comp while it’s still here.


One last ride for Kog’Maw. | Provided by the lolchess.gg team builder

Last but certainly not least there is the Mutant Protector comp. Mutants are only getting bigger and stronger in the mid-set expansion, but this version of the comp is getting gutted since Kog’Maw and the protector gang are going away. However, the most consistent and powerful reroll composition of Set 6 will have one last ride before they’re forced out of the meta.

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