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The new Teamfight Tactics patch dropped worldwide Wednesday with one of the biggest patches in the game’s history. With a huge shift in the meta as expected, data websites like MetaTFT.com have the raw numbers to guide players in the right direction. However, they don’t tell you why the comps are performing as well as they are. But Upcomer has you covered. Here is a look at the top five comps backed by numbers with explanations on how they have claimed the top spots in this TFT 12.14 tier list.

Astral Aurelion Sol

Play the comp while you can because it’s likely to get hotfixed. | Screenshot provided by Warren Younger/lolchess.gg team builder.

Aurelion Sol has been a laughingstock in the metagame since the second patch of the set after the Mage Emblem version of the comp was nerfed. But after being irrelevant over the last few weeks, the live balance team decided to unleash a trio of buffs in order to make him playable. The team certainly succeeded with that. The comp focuses on the very powerful Mage trait with Sylas being an incredible front-line champion. And once a player hits A-Sol, the game is pretty much over in his overtuned state.

Nunu Daeja Mirage

With the Cavalier buff, Mirage and Daeja are a threat in the current meta. | Screenshot provided by Warren Younger/lolchess.gg team builder.

Mirage Daeja has been a somewhat under-the-radar composition but has been one of the best compositions in the game depending on which Mirage variation is active in any given match. With Cavalier getting buffed at the higher ranks, the standard Mirage Cavalier comp has gotten buffed and the data is saying that Nunu has been a target for rerolling. At three-star Nunu is an absolute menace that can easily cleanup after Daeja and is also unkillable.

Anivia Shi Oh Yu Jade

A simple comp, just throw in nine Jade champions. | Screenshot provided by Warren Younger/lolchess.gg team builder.

The third-best-performing comp is one that goes very deep into the Jade trait. After some significant nerfs in the last patch, Jade is back in full force in TFT 12.14 but with a new carry. Gone are the days when Shi Oh Yu was the main carry with Neeko as the main tank. SOY is still a good secondary carry, but it’s Anivia’s team now. With buffs to Morello, Anivia is the best damage-dealer in the comp and has infinite time to recast her ability with the incredible frontline combo of SOY and Neeko.

Idas Corki Revel

Idas lives forever but thanks to Corki, enemies wont. | Screenshot provided by Warren Younger/lolchess.gg team builder.

With AP-focused comps taking over the metagame, the best tank champion in the game is back. Idas with a Dragon Claw is capable of tanking forever, and that roll is best in a comp that takes time to ramp up and deal massive damage. With Corki bugs fixed, Corki and the Revel crew are back into the metagame as one of the best comps in the game. Corki is still the main carry with Sona being a fantastic CC champion that can deal a surprising amount of damage.

Ao Shin Tempest Mage

TFT 12.14 tempest mage
Dont get it twisted, this comp is still top tier. | Screenshot provided by Warren Younger/lolchess.gg team builder.

Finally, there are the kings of 12.13. Ao Shin was nerfed slightly but make no mistake, the comp is far from dead. With Asol stealing the spotlight for now, Ao Shin has taken a back seat as the second best mage comp in the game. But his time is bound to rise again as there is still not a better-capped board than this one that features four different five-cost champions.


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