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In an agreement between Tencent and Riot Games, a brand new TFT spin-off is being developed for the Chinese audience. Fight for the Golden Spatula is a mobile game coming out to Chinese mobile platforms that will allow players to experience TFT in new ways.

TFT’s new mobile spin-off

Tencent’s NExT Studios will be adapting the hit autobattler series with brand new features, game modes and more. The game already has a preview trailer and has started its pre-registration phase.

In the preview trailer some features were on display, including a highly requested duos game mode. Based on limited footage, the game mode appeared to function similarly to DOTA Underlords. Players appear to be able to share units between each other and also have a combined HP pool. The other game mode shown off in the trailer was one that resembled the currently implemented Hyperroll in which players start with 20 HP instead of 100 and games are much faster.

The champions shown off are also different than what players currently see in TFT: Reckoning. In the trailer the champions appeared to be from the first TFT set. However, some champions have different skins then they did back in 2019.

Other features on display were new “Little Legends” characters that function as players avatar’s while in the game. Outside of the classic little legends like Featherknight and River Sprite, a chibi Yasuo, and even a mech were available in game. The trailer also showed off a wide array of arenas.

TFT lead designer, Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer declined to comment. Riot Games also declined an interview request but had an official statement.

“Fight for the Golden Spatula is an awesome mobile autobattler made for players in China by a Chinese developer with a Teamfight Tactics IP license from Riot. Their team put in a lot of work making Fight for the Golden Spatula come to life, and we’re excited for them to see their game in players’ hands.”