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Get ready, all you avid Tekken 7 players, three more of the DLC characters have been revealed. The announcement came at this year’s World Championships that were held in Amsterdam. These characters will finish up the roster alongside Negan to wrap up season 2. These DLC characters are part of the Season 2 Pass or you can purchase them separately.

Two fan favorites available now

First up we have Craig Marduk, and you can check him out in action below. Recovered from his fight with Armor King, he’s back with a vengeance. He utilizes the Vale Tudo fighting style and packs quite a punch. This powerhouse can go toe to toe with the best of them. Marduk and Armor King go head to head in the trailer below. Marduk’s also got an extremely sarcastic personality. He first made his debut back in Tekken 4.

So of course, Armor King is also making a return and he too has a bone to pick with Marduk. He’s another fan favorite and utilized heavily in the competitive scene. Marduk did, after all, kill his brother, so it makes sense why these two will want to duke it out again. Armor King, however, has a lot to lose this time around. If he fails to beat Marduk, then according to the press release, he will retire from the fighting scene and also have his mask forcibly removed from his face — ouch. I personally always enjoyed using Armor King in my matches.

Julia Chang coming soon

Julia Chang is also making a return to the franchise. There’s no footage of her in action yet, but she is due to come out with Negan as the last two DLC fighters to finish off Season 2. They are expected to release sometime in the new year possibly. More information is expected to follow in the coming months. A new gameplay trailer for Negan was also revealed, and he will be voiced by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who portrays the character in AMC’s The Walking Dead.

It’s a lot to take in but always great to see new fighters joining the roster. Feel free to let us know who you are most excited to play as.