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It’s the third major in-person event in the VALORANT Champions Tour and we’re still spending a chunk of it waiting for the action to continue. Tech pauses — whether they be to fix a keyboard or address a stream issue — have popped up throughout Champions. One pause had an impact on the match between FURIA and Sentinels.

FURIA, who were tied with Sentinels in the second series of the day, were down 12-4 on Haven. The Brazilians put together round after round of stellar play to bring the score to 12-9 before the game stopped for a tech pause. FURIA player Alexandre “xand” Zizi had used a jump to get on top of a box at Haven’s C site.

“It was 15 minutes just to let me know that it is something [I] shouldn’t have done,” xand said after the match. “However it doesn’t change the gameplay, it was just a warning and it took too long to get the confirmation.”

Tech pauses and exploits at VALORANT Champions

Xand was given a warning before the match continued, but no other action was taken by Riot Games. Sentinels quickly took the final round needed to win and FURIA’s hope for an upset was put to rest. It could be argued that the break helped the Sentinels crush FURIA’s comeback, although multiple FURIA players said the pause was not the cause of their loss. Xand did question why the pause took 15 minutes, though.

SicK said that FURIA could be a contender at Champions if they shake off the nerves | Provided by Riot Games

“I didn’t agree that it was an exploit,” Sentinels player Hunter “SicK” Mims said. “That’s been a mechanic for a long time.”

The official VALORANT rules give tournament officials complete discretion in restricting maps, agents or skins “for any reason.”

“Restrictions may be added at any time before or during a Match, if there are known or suspected bugs with any Agents, skins or maps, or for any other reason as determined at the discretion of Tournament Officials,” the rulebook reads. Another rule gives Riot the right to make an “ex-post-facto determination of whether an exploit has occurred.”

FURIA defied expectations by taking Sentinels to a Map 3 during their opening match of Champions. While the Brazilians wished they could have continued playing during their near-comeback, they say the blame falls squarely on their shoulders. The pause is just another obstacle they need to overcome.

“Of course it effected us,” Gabriel “qck” Lima said. “But it’s not an excuse for the round result.”

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