Crypto teased as recipient of next Apex Legends Town Takeover
Crypto Apex Legends Season 5 Town Takeover teaser
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Crypto teased as recipient of next Apex Legends Town Takeover

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It appears Apex Legends Season 5 is getting its first piece of in-game content fairly soon. Earlier today, new teasers appeared on the Kings Canyon map, and they look to be hinting towards a Town Takeover. While we can’t be absolutely certain, the teasers look to revolve around the surveillance legend, Crypto. On some Champion banners, you can find strange black and green binary instead of players’ names. With a Town Takeover set to begin any week now, Crypto seems to be next in line for an Apex Legends location.

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Crypto to receive next Town Takeover?

Apex Legends usually features one Town Takeover per season. In the past, we’ve seen Wraith’s Labs, Octane’s racetrack, and the Mirage Voyage. These locations are usually placed somewhere vacant on the map and feature special legend-themed surroundings.

Of course, Season 5 has yet to feature a Town Takeover. For this reason, and the teasers showing up, many fans are putting the pieces together. Crypto is certainly a good candidate for a takeover, as he doesn’t receive a ton of love on the gameplay or cosmetic side of things.

You can see the in-game teasers courtesy of leaker @Biast12.

As Biast12 has figured out, the binary on the banners translates to: “If u can see me, I can”. Though this doesn’t specifically point to any legend, Crypto’s persona most closely fits this phrase.

Something to also note, the teaser locations usually indicate where the Town Takeover will take place. As this teaser is found on the edge of the map, it’d be no surprise if this is around the area where Respawn will place the event.

Biast12 has also figured out that more teasers should follow the current one. According to the leaker, the next teasers are set to arrive on June 18 and June 20. After that, the Town Takeover will most likely arrive in Apex Legends a couple of days later.

Be sure to keep an eye on the upcoming EA Play event for possible confirmation of the Town Takeover. A Respawn developer recently teased some info would be dropping at this event. EA Play begins Thursday, June 18 at 7 p.m. ET.

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