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Earlier today, League of Legends patch 9.22 was released worldwide, and with this comes the introduction of the new Teamfight Tactics set 2. The set called Rise of the Elements will be available on the live servers from today onward. In addition, the new beta pass is expected to be available later today as well. Here are the most important changes made for this patch of Teamfight Tactics.

Gameplay update

The new set introduces 21 new origins and traits and more than 30 all-new champions for players to play with. However, an even more major change to set 2 is the introduction of an increased board size. Each player will have access to an additional 7 hexes to position their units on.

Besides the update to the size of the board, more gameplay updates arrived in this patch. Notably, the player damage will now be the same as the stage counter again. This is in place of the previous system, where stage 2 did more damage and stage 4 allowed for less player damage respectively.

One important change has been overlooked by many who have competed on the PBE. As quoted from the official patch notes:

Once you pick up a champion from the carousel, your Little Legend will no longer collide with your opponents.

This change will be a great improvement, as before players could team up to “block” a certain player from obtaining a champion at the carousel.

Ranked changes for Teamfight Tactics season 2

One more key aspect of the 9.22 patch update is the changes to how ranked will work for Teamfight Tactics. While the ranked mode will not return to Teamfight Tactics until Nov. 20, there are several changes made that will impact players of all ranks.

The first change is to the players at high ranks, such as Challenger, who would occasionally lose LP for placing 4th due to the lower average rank in the game. This will no longer occur; however, it will be possible to gain 0 or a low amount of LP if the lobby is sufficiently lower than a player’s rank, to avoid attempts to abuse the system.

The same goes for players who have lost a large number of games during a period of time and have lost their rank (on purpose) who are climbing back up on the ladder. There were rare examples of players earning LP by placing 5th and lower due to queuing with players of a higher MMR but at a similar visible rank. This will also no longer be possible with the new changes.

The new Teamfight Tactics update has way more to offer, so be sure to check out our coverage of the new Rise of the Elements update.

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