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Earlier today, the newest Teamfight Tactics patch was released around the world. The update brings long-needed changes to some of the most popular builds and introduces an entirely new loot system for the game. Besides this, it also introduces a new item to the game, Neeko’s Help, an item that will become a 1-star copy of any unit you want it to in your possession.

The new Teamfight Tactics loot system

Previously in Teamfight Tactics, the loot players would collect from the round one PVM monsters could vary immensely. It often decided your build path or even the entire game in some instances, without any input from the player. With one player receiving a Negatron Cloak and two gold and another player being able to get up to seven items, the loot system just wasn’t in a good spot.

With the introduction of the new loot box system that will be used from now on, the developers aim to make the loot players earn fairer. Each player will earn approximately the same amount of boxes and the same amount of item components from those boxes by the end of the game. The loot boxes are divided into several tiers:

  • Common boxes contain a small amount of gold, champions costing 1-3 gold, or a Neeko’s Help.
  • Uncommon boxes can contain 3-5 gold, champions up to 4 gold cost, full items, or the new Neeko’s Help item.
  • Rare boxes have a high chance to contain a Spatula, but it can also contain high-gold-cost champions or up to 10 gold. Additionally, the rare box drops completed items. This has been confirmed by Riot Mort, but it happens at a very low rate.

More gold, more XP to level up

With the large increase in income you earn throughout the game with the new loot system, the amount of XP to level up has been increased slightly. Levels 5, 6, and 7 will require an additional 2 XP to level up each. Level 8 requires 4 more XP, whereas reaching level 9 has the biggest increase requiring 6 more gold to reach the level.

Besides this, the number of tier 3 champions in the pool has been decreased from 21 to 18. This makes it more difficult to rely on level three versions of champions such as Shyvana and Kennen.

Further changes to the champions in Teamfight Tactics can be found on the complete dev blog of the 9.18 patch. For more news surrounding Teamfight Tactics, be sure to check out the new tournament series being launched by ggChampions!