Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14b preview: Mordekaiser & Poppy buffs, more
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Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14b preview: Mordekaiser & Poppy buffs, more

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Riot made a brief announcement on Twitter today to preview some of the changes coming to Teamfight Tactics in the next TFT patch. You can see the tweet below. All impending balance changes for patch 9.14b will be live on July 24.

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Apparently some of the major changes introduced in the recent patch 9.14 were not enough. Poppy, who got her ability buffed in that patch, is set to receive more buffs. What they would be we can only guess. The Yordle Knight is already pretty tanky, especially for her tier.

The next incoming buff is for Mordekaiser, and the Teamfight Tactics community will surely be happy about that one. In the current meta, Mordekaiser is strictly an early Phantom delivery system. He is somewhat less durable than other Knights and offers no utility. With the rework of attack speed buffs, he falls behind other similar champions even more. We are excited to see what buff he receives.

Elementalists will see another nerf after the massive ones that patch 9.14 brought. Daisy has seen her damage output reduced dramatically and will now take another hit. The Wild synergy is also being nerfed, and this will coincidentally impact Elementalist even more. Sorcerers are likewise going to receive a nerf. Some items will be tweaked as well.

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Weekly Teamfight Tactics changes

Riot plans to patch the game regularly. Balance patches like this one should come out every week, most likely always on Wednesday. As a game with such a rigid and easy-to-unpack meta, this might be the only way to keep Teamfight Tactics fresh.

The patch will land next Wednesday and will also bring some bug fixes. Riot notes that the patch contents are subject to change. They will monitor the game over the weekend to see if anything else needs to be tweaked.

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