Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14b PBE changes revealed: Buffs & nerfs
Image Credit: Bethesda
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Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14b PBE changes revealed: Buffs & nerfs

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

Following an earlier announcement on July 19, the first changes of Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14b are now available to try out on the PBE server. We covered what changes are expected to be included in patch 9.14b before, but today we have some initial numbers to show you.

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New tiers of traits in patch 9.14b

Brawlers Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14B  Blademaster Patch 9.14B  Shapeshifter Patch 9.14B

Currently, on the PBE, tiers for 6 Shapeshifters, 6 Brawlers, and 9 Blademasters have been added. However, in the live game (and on the current PBE) it is only possible to play 5 unique Shapeshifters, Brawlers, and 6 Blademasters.

The new third tier of these traits will be much harder to achieve once the champions are in the game. But this will have some incredible payoffs.

  • Brawlers(6) will gain a total of 1200 bonus health on each brawler (above).
  • Gunslingers(6) will have a 50% chance to hit three additional targets. One additional target each attack, compared to Gunslingers(4)’s effect.
  • Shapeshifters(6) will gain 100% bonus starting health (above).
  • Blademasters(9) gains a 45% chance to hit a target an additional 4 times (above).

An important note about Blademasters is that this is theoretically achievable in the live game if it were to be implemented as is. Combining the Spatula and the Recurve Bow items, you gain an item that makes its wearer a Blademaster. If you somehow manage to get access to three Spatulas and Recurve Bows in one game and get all six Blademaster champions, you could pull this effect off at the max level. Or earlier if you somehow manage to get even more Spatulas and create yourself Force of Natures.

Buffs coming to Teamfight Tactics in patch 9.14b

Knights Teamfight Tactics Yordle

Knights have been one of the weakest traits in Teamfight Tactics since its launch, but the current PBE version sees an increase in damage blocked to help this trait scale better into the late game. Knights(4) gains 20 compared to the live game, whereas Knights(6) gains an additional 30 damage blocked.

Yordles are still a bit too weak, despite gaining some popularity. They gain an additional 5% chance to dodge attacks at the (3) set effect.

Mordekaiser receives a major buff, his ability gaining an additional 50/75/100 damage at ranks 1/2/3. This will bring Mordekaiser more on par with other champions and make him quite a decent unit to use early in the game.

Major nerfs to Assassins and Carry-Volibears

While the current PBE patch has the wrong numbers, as mentioned by Riot Maple, here is what we can expect to see changed about Assassins in 9.14b.

Assassin’s crit damage bonus’ effect will be reduced from 150% to 125% at Assassins(3), while (6) gains increased crit bonus damage, from 350% to 400%. However, this is not a buff. The way critical hit damage is currently calculated (additively, rather than multiplicatively) will be changed with this patch, resulting in an overall decrease in damage by about 26%. This is according to TFT developer Riot Mort. A Reddit user did the math in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

More changes for Ninjas are coming, but right now, at one Ninja, the increase in damage will be up from 40% to 70%, while Ninja(4) sees a small reduction, from 80% to 70% for all Ninjas.

Volibear Patch 9.14B

Carry-Volibear has been taking over the past few days, and Riot is acting quickly to slow them down. In patch 9.14b, Volibear’s lightning will bounce to fewer targets. Volibear will have one less bounce across the board, going from 3/4/5 bounces to 2/3/4. This won’t completely remove this strategy from the game. However, it will make certain items such as Cursed Blade less oppressive on him.

More changes to come soon

Tristana, Poppy, and Ahri will be subject to further change. As well, the items Morellonomicon and Locket of the Iron Solari will see further changes in their numbers, or see a complete rework of their effects.

The traits Elementalist, Sorcerer, and Wild are also expected to be affected, but these also have been absent from the PBE server. Once these changes are revealed, we will be sure to bring them to you here on Daily Esports!