Teamfight Tactics patch 10.3 breakdown, big changes coming to Light trait

Teamfight Tactics patch 10.3 breakdown, big changes coming to Light trait

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On Sunday, Mortdog, lead developer of Teamfight Tactics, posted the 10.3 patch notes for Teamfight Tactics on YouTube. The update will include small changes across the board. The changes aim to adjust the win rates of several of the best performing team comps — most notably, the compositions using the Light trait.

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Besides this, there are changes to several more characters and items; the upcoming patches will likely only include small changes. The reason for the more minor updates is the release of Set 3 of Teamfight Tactics. Of what we know so far, Set 3 is coming in March.

Changes to the Light trait

Yorick Lucian Teamfight Tactics

The most critical changes in patch 10.3 are coming to the Light trait. One champion in particular, Vayne, is showing up too frequently. As Mortdog explains in the announcement video, Vayne has become too powerful since changes to the Light trait were made in recent updates. Because of this, Vayne’s attack speed is now reduced by 0.05 attacks per second.

This number might seem minor at first. However, it is vital to keep in mind that the base attack speed value of Vayne calculates her overall attack speed. The attack speed bonuses of Light and Ranger both scale off the base attack speed. As such, the change significantly reduces the damage she can put out throughout a fight.

Now that several compositions lose Vayne as their carry, a different Light user will take her place. As Mortdog explains, the idea is for Lucian to take over her spot. In this patch, Lucian sees a significant buff to his base damage and Spell-AD scaling abilities. The changes are most noticeable at the level 2 version of Lucian. Here, Lucian’s spell AD-scaling is increased by 33%.

The last Light change goes to Yorick. In this patch, Yorick is receiving the most changes of any champion so far in the history of Teamfight Tactics. This update changes several essential aspects of Yorick and his ability.

The changes include a buff to his HP, a nerf to his Mana requirement, and a massive change to his ability. Unlike in the last update, a level 1 Yorick now summons three Ghouls, with 400 HP each for 1200 total HP. This is in place of the old version, which summoned two ghouls with 500 HP each, for a total of 1000 HP.

Annie is finally worth upgrading

Annie Tibbers TFT

Another important update of this patch is the change to Tibbers’ health. Annie’s bear now starts with 1600 HP, which scales to 3000 HP at level 3. The new scaling health is in place of the old version, which had 2000 HP at all ranks. To make up for the nerf to level 1 Annie’s bear, Tibbers’ attack speed is increased by 0.05 per second. The update to Annie, the Light trait, and many other things will release on February 5.

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