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Earlier today, the Teamfight Tactics Twitter account revealed some changes coming soon to the game. The patch 10.2 update will see changes across the board. With the end of the current TFT set drawing near, this should come as no surprise. The update is expected to hit live servers this Wednesday, Jan. 22.

Buffs for (almost) everyone in Patch 10.2

The upcoming patch might include the most buffs Teamfight Tactics has seen to date. Exact numbers are not finalized yet, but we do know that most team comps will become a lot stronger with it. The main change I’m looking forward to is the buff to Mages. In recent weeks, Mages have been on the rise, and this buff might bring them into the top tier of builds.

Another change to get excited about is the buff coming to Shadow. Alongside the bugfix for Kindred, it should make things a lot better for the Shadows trait. Additionally, the item changes aren’t expected to impact the Shadow trait much. One aspect where the item buffs of patch 10.2 come in is for the Shadow Rangers composition. A key item receiving a buff is Guinsoo’s Rageblade. Players commonly build this item on Ashe and Kindred in these types of comps.

Teamfight Tactics’ newest duo is getting nerfed

After their introduction less than two weeks ago, Leona and Karma have already been nerfed. The Lunar duo had quickly become a staple in one of the best builds in the game. Light, combined with Soulbound and Lunar, is currently the best team composition if you can pull it off. This build was previously nerfed in the patch 10.1B update, where Lucian’s ability scaling was slightly reduced.

Sivir’s power has been reduced again

Sivir has seemingly been finding ways to break the game for several patches now. After earlier nerfs in both Teamfight Tactics patch 10.1 and 10.1B, she has now once again appeared on the list to be nerfed even further. In 10.1, for example, her ability’s duration dropped by 2 seconds. And in 10.1B, the change was made to no longer allow Ricochet to interact with items such as Hurricane and Berserker Axe.

The full patch notes should be out on Jan. 21, with patch 10.2 releasing the following day. For more Teamfight Tactics news, be sure to read all about Teamfight Tactics Set 3.

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