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On January 21, the official Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Twitter page announced full patch notes set to go into effect on January 22. Blake “Riot Beernana” Edwards uploaded a description of each change, which includes bug fixes, item changes, champion balances, trait updates, and adjustments to three-star champions.

Edwards mentions the purpose of patch 10.2 is to reduce the overall time of gameplay, give interest to underused items, and to make games feel fair by increasing the random number generator floor for item pop-ups.

System adjustments and TFT bug fixes

For starters, the Planning Phase Rounds are now down to 20 seconds from a previous 30 seconds. This gives players less time to place their champions and set up for combat. In addition, the possibilities of a four gold drop in small loot boxes and a seven gold drop in medium loot boxes have been removed.

The pop-up rate for full items is now lower, and players can no longer receive two full item drops in the same game. Force of Nature is also much less likely to appear on the carousel. Meanwhile, minions and monsters during the Creep Rounds are now immune to Zephyr’s banishings.

The Trait Tracker UI now has visual effects, while a chromatic tier for rare synergies got an update. The Runespirit Little Legend also has new visual updates. Edwards also mentioned an update to the Lobby and system for picking Little Legends and Arena Skins. The tooltips have updated to recent gameplay changes, with the Electric tooltip now stating magic damage. Karma’s size has also changed from 228 cm and the critical strike from Kindred now works with Jeweled Gauntlet.

Three-star champion adjustments

Three-star champions in Teamfight Tactics are greatly sought after because of how important they are to obtain in the mid to late game phases. The champions who have had adaptations to their three-star form are Vladimir, Renekton, and Ashe. Both Vladimir and Renekton got a boost to their ability damage, while Ashe’s ability attack damage ratio increased. However, her ability attack speed bonus has decreased drastically.

TFT champion balances

Patch 10.2 also includes changes to Leona, Malzahar’s minions, Ezreal, Karma, Sion, Sivir, Veigar, and Olaf. Leona’s damage reduction, Sivir’s bounces, and Olaf’s attack speed have all decreased. That said, Malzahar’s minion health, Ezreal’s health and ability power, Karma’s attack speed bonus, Sion’s mana, and Veigar’s spell damage have all increased.

Item and trait adjustments

Teamfight Tactics randomly generates items for players to collect over the course of gameplay. Not all items collected are full items, so players have to craft with what they’re given and make the best out of situations. Items can be gained throughout all rounds and are not limited.

With the random number generator being lowered, seven items have been altered for better combat experience. The following items and their characteristics have all been increased: Bramble Vest’s damage, Bloodthirster’s lifesteal, Guinsoo’s Rageblade attack speed per stack, Luden’s Echo damage, Hextach Gunblade’s omnisteal, Iceborn Gauntlet’s freeze duration, and the Locket of the Iron Solari’s shield value.

Traits in Teamfight Tactics connect champions from the player’s bench and can give bonuses when deployed together. The Assassin trait’s critical strike bonus damage increased along with Desert’s armor reduction, Inferno’s damage, Warden’s armor bonus, and Shadow’s bonus damage and duration.

Meanwhile, Blademaster’s chance for extra auto attacks decreased, and they are no longer able to store extra attacks. Mages have received the ability to double cast and obtain 20 extra AP. The last update Edwards discussed refers to the Woodland trait; obtaining six Woodland champions now grants the ability to clone all of them.

With these balances in Teamfight Tactics, players will feel more comfortable experimenting with new trait combinations and items. What are your thoughts on Patch 10.2?

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